No More Oops I Did Again Moments

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 pink underwear

Does your husband wear pink underwear? You sometimes forget that his tighty whiteys are in the laundry when you wash your new hot pink shirt only to realize it once you take the clothes out of the dryer. You look at your husband hold up those not so tighty whiteys and say “Oops I did it again.”When we first got married- I lost count of how many times that this happened. It was almost like it was a conspiracy among my clothes.

no sort purex


That is what happens when you use regular detergents because dyes can bleed in the wash, but with Purex No Sort for Colors the risk of this happening is much lower. I have always been a big fan of Purex. It is one of those laundry detergents we bought because it was cheap and ended up falling in love with it. And with their new no sort brand, laundry just got a whole lot easier. Between the new detergent and the revamping of my laundry room I love doing laundry. Well I wouldn’t say love doing laundry but I do like it a lot better.


no sort

With this detergent there is no sorting of the laundry which makes laundry easier chore to tackle. Plus it is more cost effective because you can wash all your clothes at one time.

I will say that I loved this detergent and there were no more “Oops I did it again!” moments.  At the price of this new no sort detergent is still very affordable so even if you are on a budget laundry can still be made easier. Just look in your local stores to see if it available and happy washing.

Wishing you no more “Oops I did it again!” moments.


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