5 Ways For Parents To Find Good Influences For Their Children


Parenting is a tough job – if not the toughest job. And that’s why it’s important that not only you be a good influence on your children, but you find external good influences as well. Because your children are going to find their own ways as individuals, if you give them examples of people they can emulate within their own life frameworks, it will give them more positive options than if they just randomly found influences on their own.

To this end, consider giving your kids options in terms of influences in the art world, the music world, and the science world, and also highlight the positive aspects of volunteers and social progressives.

The Art World

The art world, as illustrated by companies like Park West Gallery, is a fascinating and inspirational place. Especially when it comes to children, there are amazing positive influences all around the creative artistic community. If you find artists that promote beauty and understanding and perspective, introduce your kids to the types of art they create, and support your children if they ever want to draw, paint, or design things.

The Music World

For as much resistance as there is sometimes against the wilder kinds of music, there’s a tremendous amount of positive influence in there as well. Studies show that learning music is good for the brain in a huge number of ways. Add to the fact that music can help kids socialize and bond, and there are even professional opportunities that can result from study and performance, and you’ve got a huge, amazing industry for your kids to explore when they’re ready.

The Science World

Many children naturally gravitate toward sports figures as influences, but as a parent, it’s a bit more realistic, and perhaps progressive for humanity if you can suggest scientists as positive influences as well. There are people doing spectacular things in engineering around the world, and though they don’t get as much attention as sports stars, the influence they have on kids could be more succinct if parents gave them a little push in that direction.


And if you introduce your kids to volunteers in your community, they’ll have a chance to see that helpful things can be done on a small scale as well. Sometimes people look for influences outside of their local reach and making a mark on that level seems implausible. Starting small can be a much better idea for more effective, actionable results.

Social Progressives

Anyone who wants humanity to move in a positive direction can be considered a positive influence. There are people who fear the future and want to regress instead of move forward, so as a parent if there’s any chance you can promote one side of that coin inside of the other, you should do that early and often.

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