The 5 Best Sports for Kids To Try This Fall

The 5 Best Sports for Kids To Try This Fall

No matter the circumstance, every child wants to go outside and surround themselves with fun, friends, and memories. If your child is sitting at home and feeling bored, there’s a chance they need a fun extracurricular to keep them busy and entertained. Before heading to a local park to register your child for an activity, take a look at our fun-filled list of the five best sports for kids to try this fall, y’all.

Flag Football

Flag football is a safer alternative to the standard, more brutal version of the sport. Even though tackling isn’t in this game, you should expect your child to fall down every now and then. Flag football is perfect for children who love playing catch, y’all. This sport is also ideal if you’re looking for a sport that teaches your child how to practice teamwork and communication skills.

Field Hockey

Even though there’s no ice on the ground and no snow all around, hockey is still a go-to fall sport for the youngins’, y’all. If you don’t like your child participating in a physical sport, field hockey is the way to go, as it’s a no-contact sport, and children are free to focus on their playing skills. Field hockey provides a positive atmosphere for all skill levels, y’all.


Soccer is a widely popular sport and one of the simplest ones to get your children excited about. As soccer is perfect for every age group, you can feel secure with simple rules to follow and not a lot of money spent on equipment. All that’s required is a uniform, shoes, a ball, and a favorite snack to share with the team.


Give me an “F!” Give me a “U,” and throw in an “N!” Throw it all together, and what does it spell? FUN! That’s what cheerleading is all about, y’all. If your child isn’t particularly interested in playing sports but enjoys cheering them on from the sides, then cheerleading is the sport for them. Cheerleading builds skills like flexibility and teamwork and helps children develop a better sense of rhythm. Additionally, cheerleading strengthens bodies by teaching children how to control their weight and improve balance.


From a distance, the game might not seem like fun. Still, it can lead to lifelong memories and help build essential life skills, such as patience, concentration, and balance when striking a ball across a grass field and into a hole over a hundred yards away. This sport is ideal if your child doesn’t enjoy physical contact sports.

When considering a pastime for your child to partake in, choosing between outdoor and indoor sports can be tough, but these fun choices make your decision uncomplicated. Our list of the five best sports for kids to try this fall creates a simple decision-making process based on your child’s interests and needs. When selecting a sport for your child, always go based on their interests, skillsets, and passions, y’all.

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