Fun Outdoor Games You Can Play With Your Kids

Fun Outdoor Games You Can Play With Your Kids

Having children is exciting, and as they get older, we can start playing many fun games with them. Of course, there are loads of games you can play inside, but there are also some exciting games to play outside that take advantage of the great weather. Read on to learn some fun outdoor games y’all can play with your kids.

Scavenger Hunts

A fun game you can play with kids of all ages is a scavenger hunt. Part of what makes this game so fun is that you can play it indoors and outdoors simultaneously. Give your kids a place to chill for a few minutes while you go and hide some items and make the clues. Your clues don’t need to be too extensive; for example, you need only a general indicator of where they should look and that the item is nearby. It’s fun that everyone can get involved in, and if y’all have multiple kids, they can even compete against each other to find the most items. There are many ways you can play this game, meaning there are a lot of different ways that all of you can have some fun!


This game requires a little bit of equipment in the form of ping pong balls and a hot tub, but after that, it is incredibly simple. First things first, make sure your hot tub is in good shape by having professionals check it. This way, you can enjoy the game worry-free. To find a reliable professional, just search online for “hot tub repair near me” and pick the best option. Once your hot tub is all fixed up, it’s time to have some fun. Put some ping pong balls in the hot tub with the jets on, and each player has to avoid the balls. Then, to make it more challenging, each player has to have their feet touching the bottom of the hot tub at all times, and any time you eliminate someone, you throw another ball in the tub. This is one of the fun games that kids can play in a hot tub that parents will also enjoy. Sadly, the parents may not be very good at it since y’all may not be as agile as you once were.

Four Square

Another fun game that the whole family can play is Four Square. This game is also straightforward; you need only some tape or chalk, a flat area, and a kickball. It will require some time to fully understand the rules and techniques of the game, but after that, the world is your oyster. There are also plenty of variations to the game that you can play, such as around the world and tea parties.

Play these fun outdoor games with your kids, and everyone will have a good time! You’ll get to enjoy the sun and get some good vitamin D while also getting away from the monotony of your day-to-day life. Additionally, your children will thank you, and then y’all won’t be able to wait for next weekend to play again!

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