How Do Local Dealers Ensure They Buy Legitimate Vehicles

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In order for a local dealer to run a trustworthy and lucrative business, they must ensure that the cars they purchase to sell are legitimate. Modern day consumers are extremely wary and cautious when purchasing a used car and will thoroughly research the vehicle to make sure that it is a smart investment.

 Building a Reputation

These consumers will be responsible for determining the local dealer’s reputation (particularly on social media), so the dealer must take extra steps to ensure that their stock is safe, reliable, fairly priced and of a high standard.

 Examinations and Checks

The dealer will need to do what a customer does which is to thoroughly examine the vehicle and take it for a test drive, but this is just one stage involved. They will first need to carry out a check to ensure that the vehicle does not have a secret history and that it matches the V5C (logbook).

 History Check

A vehicle history check will alert the dealer to any information held against the automobile by finance and insurance companies, the police, the DVLA and various other industry bodies. This information could highlight outstanding finance, insurance write-off, number plate changes, reported as stolen and mileage discrepancies.

It will also indicate how many previous owners the vehicle has had – this should match the information in the logbook and the information that the seller provides. It will also provide an idea of what a fair price for the automobile is.

 Registered and Genuine Checks

There is no such thing as a free check and there are many imitations, so it is vital that a dealer uses CAP HPI to check the history of the vehicle in question. This will ensure that the information comes from reliable and entirely accurate sources and that the data is up to date.

 The Value of These Checks

If an automobile has a secret history, it can be very hard to uncover this. It is for this reason that any dealer must carry out these checks if they are to run a successful business. They should inform potential customers that the vehicle has had an HPI check, but they should encourage the idea of the customer carrying out their own checks for complete peace of mind. This shows that you a trustworthy source.

Every local dealer needs to ensure that their stock is 100% legitimate. These checks should be used first as a line of defense against automobile fraud and they can then carry out their own examinations and test drives.

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