Stronger Together: 3 Parenting Tips for Divorced Parents

Stronger Together: 3 Parenting Tips for Divorced Parents from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

A lot of my friends have gone through divorces. I feel so helpless when I see them dealing with the gut-wrenching situation. Things only get more complicated when children are involved. Yet, to their credit, my divorced friends have done a stellar job at co-parenting with their exes. Here are some parenting tips for divorced parents that my gals have shared with me. I hope they help couples trying to navigate their new normal.

Communicate with the little ones

Divorce affects children in many ways. Kids whose parents are divorced are more likely to experience issues in school and be less social. That’s why it’s so important for parents to talk to their children throughout the process. First and foremost, the kids need to know that this isn’t their fault. Reiterate that you had to separate for your own reasons. Secondly, allow the kiddos to ask any questions they have. Staying hush-hush about the situation will only make things worse, y’all. Their life is changing as much as yours, so you can’t shut down on them just because they’re confused about what’s going on.

Get on the same page

As hard as it may be, exes should communicate with each other when it comes to parenting. Think about developing a co-parenting plan so you can get on the same page. It’s vital to try and keep the kiddos’ routine as normal as possible, y’all. This will take some creativity on the parts of the parents. Stay consistent as much as possible, including on discipline. It isn’t fair for one person to be seen as the “fun” parent while the other lays down the law.

No bad-mouthing allowed

Another crucial parenting tip for divorced parents is to always speak highly of each other in the children’s presence. Children deserve more credit than adults give them, y’all. I know my kids always pick up on things that I think will fly right over their heads, so if one parent is constantly trashing the other, this will affect how the child views them. Saying kind things about a former spouse won’t be easy. Depending on how the divorce played out, exes may not have the best things to say about one another. Still, parents should try their best to put their kids’ interests first and only say nice things when they’re around.

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