Wine-Trip through Europe: the Best Locations to Visit

Wine-Trip through Europe- the Best Locations to Visit by North Carolina lifestyle blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

There’s no better trip like a wine trip. You get to relax and enjoy a good glass of wine, maybe even more. And let’s not forget all the marvelous sceneries, the bucolic landscapes, the poetic sunsets and the friendly people.

For those who know me, I’ve gone on a few such trips myself, and I absolutely loved it each time. And I bet that after I tell you all about the places I’ve visited, you’ll understand exactly why.

Burgundy, France

Located in the magnificent, romantic France, Burgundy is one of the core wine-related regions in this country. And probably the whole continent, too. But there’s a difference between Burgundy and other wine locations: you’ll have a hard time getting through the door.

That’s because the doors through the cellars are so narrow, I had to master some serious Houdini skills, though getting inside brought me to wine heaven. With so many bottles to admire, I experienced different tastes and aromas to last me a lifetime.

After that, I went on an overnight tour of the region, navigating the splendid rivers, marveling at the quaint churches and walking the green hills. Needless to say, I had reservations made in advance for all that: tasting rooms, guided tours, hotels, etc.

I recommend Hotel Adelie, that looks great, it has a nice pool, friendly personnel, and different wine specialties, like Meursault, Volnay, or Pommard. The prices are pretty affordable too, in the ballpark of 80 euros per night, depending on the type of room you’d like.

The Douro Valley, Portugal

This magnificent-looking valley is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. It’s not just a spot for an oenophile to visit, it’s one of those destinations that should be on everyone’s bucket list. And not just because they have great wine.

I’ve arrived in Porto, where the Douro River flows right into the Iberian Sea, one summer afternoon. Not coincidentally, the most famous, tasty and elegant wines in the region are called the Douro wines. These are made right there on the nearby poetic hills, and they’re enjoyed by the happy, friendly locals and tourists.

I loved to experience a cultural landscape that’s among the World Heritage Sites. There are many views to admire, with awe-inspiring sceneries, particularly at sunset. And I’m glad I didn’t forget to bring a mosquito repellant with me, the place is swarming with mosquitoes, especially at night.

If you want my advice about a great place to spend the night, I love the HF Fenix Porto. This is near a concert hall and the shopping center, so you can do something else besides nature walks. With a friendly multilingual staff and plenty of opportunities to explore the Old City, it’s a wonder they have prices as low as 120 euros per night.

Tuscany, Italy

Italy is definitely on par with France when it comes to romantic sceneries, and you guys know I’m a sucker for that. And Tuscany is a magical region, located between the Apennines and the Tyrrhenian Sea. With such a varied landscape, there’s no wonder it sees a high ebb and flow of tourists like me each year.

But people are also attracted by its artistic and cultural background, not to mention the opportunity to sample aromatic Italian wines. I loved walking along the sandy Versilia beach, marveling at the steep, rocky cliffs. Plus the sea is so clear, you can see every grain of sand.

I went on a few wine tours here too, and the great thing is that most of these are pretty affordable. For instance, for about 50 euros, you can go on the Chianti wine tour that lasts about half a day on the Tuscan countryside.

The bucolic villages, the medieval cities and fortress, the olive groves and the two wineries definitely impressed me. I learned a lot about the local blends like the Chiantis and the Tuscan dessert wine, and how they’re made. I’ve seen where the grapes are crushed and I visited the old historic cellar, all that in about 6 hours.

If you’re looking for a quaint, welcoming hotel with friendly staff that’s near the main attractions, I definitely say you give Hotel Savonarola a go. It’s just 15 minutes to the Duomo, and you can get a room for about 50 euros per night, which is great in such an expensive city. I loved my stay there, I got a map and helpful indications from the staff, and my room was absolutely huge for the money, not to mention squeaky clean.

Istria, Croatia

With its rich past, Istria was a land occupied by both Phoenicians and Greeks, peoples with a great love for wine. Probably not as big as mine, though. Either way, the local grapevines date back to those ancient times, and so does the masterful art of growing the vines. It’s said that even the Argonauts passed through this land of wine in their quest to find the Golden Fleece, so it’s a wonder they continued their journey.

To be honest, I wouldn’t have left the place, but I had no choice either. I loved the full wines of the region as much as I enjoyed the more delicate ones, with more subtle aromas. That’s definitely because of the rich soils, both the red and the white, the mildly-sloped hills and the red-blooded, Croatian sun.

I absolutely loved my stay at Casa Romantica La Parenzana, with prices around 70 euros per night, located in a renovated stone farmhouse. It has a homey atmosphere and the tastiest food, plus you can use this place as a starting point of a cycling tour, once you’re done with your wine tour.

Where will you go?

After finishing the story of my European wine-trip, I’m really curious to hear if you’ve decided where you’re going. With all their rich vineyards, impressive tasting rooms, and breathtaking sceneries, the places I’ve visited really put their mark on me, so I’m hoping you’ll find your own special places to talk and reminisce about.

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