Mykonos History Through the Decades

Mykonos History Through Decades from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom 1

Mykonos has a long and interesting history, as you will find out by visiting its museums or archeological sites.

According to Greek mythology, the island was named after the hero Mykonos, the son of Enias of Karystos. Another myth mentions Mykonos as the son or grandson of the Greek god Apollo. The island was originally inhabited by the Egyptians and then by IcArians, Phoenicians, Minoans, and Ionians. It is said to be the place where Hercules killed the Titans and the big rocky formations in the sea around the island are the petrified testicles of the giants.

Mykonos was conquered by a lot of different navies through the ages. It became a part of the Roman Empire and then the Byzantine Empire until the 12th century. Catalans, Venetians, and Ottomans got control of Mykonos until the Greek Revolution in 1821 when the island played an important role.

Mykonos History Through Decades from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom 1
  • Windmills History

The famous Windmills are the first thing you see on Mykonos if you approach the island by the sea. Their big, white figures are easily seen above the blue of the sea and the grey or brown of the rocks.

The existence of windmills in Greek islands dates back to the early 15th century. Later, at the end of the 18th century to the mid-19th century, it is confirmed that at least 28 windmills were operating in Mykonos. Apart from Chora, windmills also operated in Ano Mera. The strong winds that usually blow in Mykonos helped the milling and grain trade of the island.

The ownership of the mills was usually cooperative. Their owners were wealthy landowners, merchants, sailors, etc. Mills also belonged to the Monasteries, mainly as a result of donations.

The Cyclades are among the windiest areas of the Mediterranean – especially Mykonos, where the days with absolute apnea do not exceed an average of ten per year. With the help of the windmills, the inhabitants managed to exploit an abundant source of energy, wind, and improve their living conditions in the small and remote communities. At that time, flour was the main ingredient of their diet and the mills made the grinding process easier.

Today, only seven of the island’s windmills are preserved. They gave a great boost to the local economy as Myconos was a necessary stop for the ships passing through the Aegean Sea, supplying them with the needed rusk.

Mykonos History Through Decades from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom 1
  • 70’ Decade in Mykonos

At the beginning of this decade, Mykonos was still a virgin fishermen island and was discovered by the rich and famous of the world seeking for some privacy away from the usual touristic destinations. The locals lived a very simple life and they did not recognize a celebrity – they wouldn’t care even if Elizabeth Taylor walked next to them. This gave celebrities a high sense of freedom and privacy.

During the 70s, gay couples “discovered” Mykonos and its advantages. The locals accepted very well nudists and gays, who in return brought more of their friends and an elegant lifestyle to the island.

The historic bar-club Pierro’s was founded and attracted many celebrities and stars – like Rita Hayworth, Aga Khan, Princess Soraya, Richard Barton, Grace Kelly, and Marlon Brando.

Mykonos History Through Decades from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom 1
  • 80’decade in Mykonos

In the 80s, Mykonos became very popular not only to celebrities, nudists and gays but to everyone. Big clubs opened, organizing crazy parties where VIPs, locals, and tourists were having fun all together. In Paraga beach everyone was naked, Elia was the most beautiful virgin beach in the world and the Hippies reigned in Panormos and Agios Sostis.

More virgin beaches were occupied by tourists and the first big hotels and Mykonos Luxury Villas were built.

  • Mykonos nowadays – luxury Villas, cosmopolitan beaches, famous bar-clubs

Today Mykonos has become one of the most luxurious summer destinations in the world. Crazy parties, beautiful beaches, and elegant five-star hotels and superb Mykonos villas attract thousands of tourists every year.

Mykonos has a special lifestyle and a rich nightlife. Tourists come from everywhere to experience the extraordinary atmosphere of the island and admire its natural beauties. Celebrities can find anything they need here and concierge services have been developed to a very high level, from limousine and luxury yacht rentals to organizing parties and events. Mykonos nowadays can offer luxurious, fun and relaxing holidays.

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