Behind the Scenes at SCarowinds

Behind the scenes at Scarowinds

Two weeks ago my family and I got to experience behind the scenes at SCarowinds. As an official blogger for Carowinds , a “Caro Blogger” we were given a backstage into what goes on in the making of SCarowinds.

Did you know that the planning for SCarowinds starts as soon as  February, when the team starts pulling ideas and designs together for October? And that all the makeup, costumes and props are made right in-house at Carowinds. How cool is that?

On any given night at SCarowinds you can find a team of 32 makeup artists working on the over 200 actors that take part in fun-filled scary event.

The first stop on our night was the makeup area. Where we were able to see the transformation from the beginning from nice guy to scare dude.

Scarowinds Transformation

After we finished at the makeup compound we went over to the holding area where those that have already have their hair and makeup wait until it is time to go to their specific stations throughout the park.


There we were able to meet Papa Clown who is works in one of SCarowinds main attractions, The Last Laff. This particular person has played this character for over 9 years. When I asked him how he got his start he said it all started when he was little and he used to watch Horror movies with his mom and not get scared. In his off time from SCarowinds he runs a comic book store and even appears as an extra on the television show “The Walking Dead.”

Fun Fact: Not only are the names on the tombstones scattered around the park after old rides that have been retired, but also each full-time associate at Carowinds has a tombstone as well. They get to write out what they want on it. How cool is that?


After chatting with Papa Clown, Chris who is the Social & Digital Representative at Carowinds took us on a sneak peek of one of the mazes, Cornstalkers. That maze was scary during the day with no actors inside so I can imagine what it would be like at night when it is occupied. And all the corn stalks that were used in the maze were from local farms on the North Carolina and South Carolina border.

Another fun fact: Everyone that scares at SCarowinds has to go through a scare school each year.

After the tour of the Maze, Chris left us at the front entrance for the opening ceremony.

Check back tomorrow to read about our experience when the park opens and well about Mikaela’s ride on Fury 325.



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  1. This looks like a lot of fun. It would be neat to see how they do all the makeup and stuff.

  2. Cool but scary LOL Glad you all made it out of there okay! 🙂

  3. Oh wow I would love to see behind the scenes at something like this – I actually said to my other half I think it would be a fun job (though hard work) x

  4. Wow! I just love the artistic and scary makeup. So professional. I can see why they have to start planning in February.

  5. Oh goodness! How fun. I’m not one for these types of things but my oldest and my husband LOVE it! This would be a blast!

  6. Sometimes the makeup looks so realistic. Things have sure come a long way since my mom dressed me as a hobo. 😉

  7. This looks so much fun & I think you all had a wonderful experience out there. The transformation from nice to scary buddy is surely scary indeed. Would love attending one such event sometime.

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