Polly Pocket Sparks the Imagination

One of my favorite toys that my girls have been playing with for a while has been Polly Pockets. My girls love the fact that they are small enough that they can carry them around with in the car and play while we are on trips or we are waiting for appointments. I love how Polly Pockets turns their brains on and they let their imagination run wild. We recently had an amazing opportunity to test out The  Polly Pocket Hangout House Playset and Polly Pocket Stick N Play Room Assortment. When I received the box I let Gracie, my youngest open it.  I just love the look on her face when she opened the box.

Yes she was that excited. She begged me to let her play with them but the day we received the box our younger niece who is almost 2 was coming to visit and because of the small parts we decided to wait for another day to open it. If you have not heard about this brand and their new line. Let me tell you I have never laughed so hard listening to my youngest daughter and two of her little friends playing with them.  First they were so excited they could not wait for me to open the packages to get the pockets out of their packaging. Once I  got the packages open they investigated every piece coming out of the package.

They loved that it had an elevator on it. They had so much fun putting different things on the elevator. In fact at one point they had the toilet on the elevator.

Here they are examining each little piece. The Polly Pockets came with two kitty cats so Gracie decided to make one of them a dog instead.

Still investigating at this point I think this when they discovered that everything had suction cups attached to it.

Now they get down the business of designing the inside of their house. I think they tried out every piece in every room of the house. Yep they were that busy.

And then Allie came to join in on the fun. Gracie was excited that Allie wanted to play as well. But I think the funniest thing that I saw and heard the whole time they were playing was this.

Yup the Polly is using the toilet upside down and another is taking a bath upside down. They had so much fun experimenting with the suction cups and I have to admit I had fun listening to them play. In fact right after that Brooklyn, one of the little girls, said she had to use the bathroom and I told her to make sure she doesn’t use it upside down.

I can definitely say that this Polly Pocket will be a favorite for years to come.

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mattel Polly Pocket. I received a product samples and a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.”


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  1. Oh how fun! I remember playing with Polly Pocket when I was little, but only those little pocket-sized toys!! That’s great it kept them so occupied – and I love they put everything upside down, haha.

  2. I remember when Polly Pocket could actually fit in your pocket! My little sister loved them! We actually found all of hers the other day. Great memories!

  3. Ah, I remember Polly Pocket from when I was younger. I always thought she was a pocket-size Barbie lol!

  4. I remember Polly Pocket!! I think it’s so cool that many of the toys we played with are either still around or making a major comeback.

  5. This brings back such nice memories. My daughter is 19 now but we used to have hours of fun when she was little playing with those tiny little Polly Pocket figures. Don’t tell but I have a few stashed away in my memory box still.

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