SCarowinds A Mindblowing Experience

Yesterday I took you behind the scenes at SCarowinds, today I am going to share with you our experience walking through the park.

First I was impressed that people were allowed to enter the park a half hour before it officially opened. Of course they aren’t allowed to roam but they are allowed to stay in a holding area where characters from the park mingled with the crowd. That set the tone for a scary evening.

Scarowinds Creepy Characters

I think for me that was probably the scariest thing because all of a sudden you turn around and see these characters. And they don’t talk to you at all when makes it even more menacing.

When the park is about the open the security on hand make an announcement that they need to listen and if they don’t abide by the rules they will be escorted from the park. Then the mistress of the park puts on a show welcoming everyone into the park and then the scaring begins.

I am not one for being scared as I watched the movie The Amityville Horror when I was in high school and had nightmares for weeks. But because my girls wanted to experience this I went along. (Things we  do for our children. )

My favorite part of the park was London Terror as it was not horror gory movie scary type of thing. It was more of a suspenseful mind games type of scaring. Interaction with the guests  was the key to this part of the park.

There was part of the evening that we all could not help but laugh at. There are characters that roam the park that will come up behind you to scare you. We were told to watch out for them when we were given our behind the scenes look. And guess what when we were walking to go get on Ricochet (not me that was my first and last ride 2 years) we heard footsteps behind us. Mikaela being a typical teenager was texting on her phone. The guy came up behind her and slide on the ground in front of her. She screamed and of course lost her phone. 🙂 After that her phone stayed in her back pocket for most of the night.

The mazes were out of the world according to my family. When I said according to my family, I mean Maddie, Lex, Mikaela and Raul. Gracie and I decided to take advantage of the pumpkin necklaces they had on sale so we wouldn’t be scared. Don’t judge some of these people were really scaring.


All I have to say is that we really enjoyed our SCarowinds experience and can’t wait to go back next year to see what they come up with. By the end of the night we were all still enjoying ourselves. Oh and did I mention that Lex and Mikaela stood in line to ride Fury 325 for an hour and half and didn’t complain. Look for their thoughts on this amazing ride in an upcoming blog post article.



My family and I were given passes to SCarowinds as part of being an official blogger, a Caro Blogger, for the park. 

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