You Can Explore Golf Courses in a Golf Car

You Can Explore Golf Courses in a Golf Car from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Moving to a golf community opens up a whole new world of golfing opportunities for you whether you choose to move into one of the new homes Palm Coast FL offers or any of the Daytona Beach new homes.  These types of locations are close to several golf courses for you to play at. Getting around between them might seem complicated, however, the creative individuals in the golf cart trade came up with something that simplifies transportation.

Local golf cart sales lots introduced the street legal golf car. This cross between a golf cart and a car provides owners with a viable method of transporting themselves, golf clubs, and friends between courses without needing a trailer to haul their cart behind their SUV or car. It also lets them avoid cart rental at the local golf courses.

Many businesses offer these customized vehicles for purchase. Those who want to do even more to save the environment can purchase a refurbished golf cart or an eco-fuel, lithium, or electric cart.

Street legal does not mean larger than the typical cart, so you can still park it in a traditional golf cart space. The alterations occur under the hood making these carts speedier than traditional ones.

These golf car vehicles must undergo the same registration process and insurance process as a normal vehicle. That means you must obtain a valid driver’s license before driving one of these vehicles. This choice precludes letting the kids or grandkids operate it on the open road.

You can purchase these golf cars in a bevy of colors and styles. The vehicles come in all of the colors that standard golf carts do. You can also have them custom painted with murals or artwork, such as having teeth painted around the front grill. Your imagination becomes the only limit to what this golf cart can look like.

These vehicles also come in a variety of seating sizes. You can purchase golf cars that accommodate two, three, or four individuals. The design of a golf car looks just like that of a golf cart. You could have your existing golf cart converted to this mini-car design or contract with the golf cart dealer to have a custom-built golf car designed. Some companies specialize in golf cars that can take on the beach sand, sand traps of a golf course, and the road.

Costs range broadly for these golf cars from $1,000 to more than $14,000. That means you can find one to fit your budget. While you need to handle adding the vehicle to your existing auto insurance policy, some golf car dealerships handle the vehicle registration once you make your purchase.

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