Easy Ways of Creating a Digital Legacy through a Family History Video

Easy Ways of Creating a Digital Legacy through a Family History Video from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Everyone probably wants to be remembered when you die. Several plans may rise about what will happen to your digital presence after you are long departed. Making a family history video is one way of preparing your digital presence. A family history video is a filmed interview in which you narrate the history and life stories that you have had through your life with your family. By seeing and hearing these tales from you in the future, the audience will be able to remember you with your passion. 

How to Film Your Family History Video for Digital Legacy

The first thing you will be required to do is to acquire the necessary gadgets and other essential accessories. A mobile phone with a clear camera or a digital camera can be used to create your family history video. These are crucial requirements for anyone on a budget. However, they require a bit of extra work to produce their best quality. Strangely, it’s nothing but the audio that can make or break your film. After all, if your audience can’t hear you talking, then all the beautiful cinematography counts for nothing. This, therefore, means that you should prioritize the quality of the recording. You can either sit as close as possible to the camera or acquire a microphone. An even smaller microphone will better the audio quality than your on-camera microphone.

Lighting is another essential factor in video filming. The video you intend to upload on Memories needs to be clear that people will be able to see the expressions vividly on your face. Relying on natural light using a technique called feathering is one of the best options. Lastly, ensure you stabilize your camera as much as possible using mini-tripod. But with a larger camera, you have a choice of either try to balance it on a flat surface around the same height as your face or to invest in a light tripod.

Personalize Your Family History film 

You are personalizing your film give it something special since it pinpoints some essential objects from your history. It may include a family heirloom or even the family pet. It’s a beautiful addition to have you presenting the item and sharing your passion for many generations to come. Showing some photographs is also another tremendous extra thing you can do. This can be done just by holding them up as you continue to talk. If you’re a bit more technically knowledgeable, you can as well scan your images and insert them into your final video with editing software.

Edit Your Video before Sharing 

If you want to have minimal edit on your family history video, then try to film your interview in one sitting and accept that there may be some pauses throughout. However, never be scared of editing your video. With many video editing software, it is easy to make necessary edits and insert titles using most of the home computers. There are also plenty of mobile phone apps that allow you to edit directly on your phone. Whilst editing is one of the best ways, and the final product will look much better and will engage your audience even more as soon as you upload the video on Memories.

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