How My Weekend Was Spent!


birthday party


This past weekend our house was full of whole bunch of crazy teenagers. My middle daughter turned 16 and she wasn’t supposed to have a big party because last year she had a major blow out of a party for her Quince Anos. This year was supposed to low key and low maintenance. But how low maintenance can you get when it comes to having a whole bunch of teens in your house? But of course with a house full of teenagers there always seem to be a little drama involved and her party was not without it. From my husband breaking a promise that he made to me to someone flirting with a guy that someone else liked there was drama. But I don’t think a party would not be a party without it. Living with three daughters I will have to say that my girls are not drama centered as I have seen other girls be. I am very thankful that my girls consider each other best friends. I wish that I had that with my three older sisters but unfortunately I have always felt like the outsider looking in at the family, especially ever since my sister Karen died. I don’t know what I have done to deserve this three beautiful girls. Even now that we are facing a lifestyle change because of Gracie’s illness, they have bonded together to become even stronger as sisters. There was an incident on Saturday night that proved just that. Allie, our little fur baby, was missing for a few minutes and Gracie got extremely upset. Stress is major trigger for her seizures. Anyone that knows Gracie knows what a special bond that she shares with Allie. She considers Allie, her little sister. So Gracie was inconsolable and Mikaela’s friends where making fun of the situation, let me tell you Mikaela let her friends have it. She told them how they could be so insensitive when she was obviously upset. I never felt more proud as a mom then I did at that moment. They stick together for each other. That makes me so proud as a mom. So that is what my weekend was like, what did you do this weekend?


P.S. We did find Allie, she had walked around to the front door and was waiting by it for someone to let her in. Those loud teenagers scared her LOL.

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