Easy Ways You Can Get Closer to Your Family

Easy Ways You Can Get Closer to Your Family

If y’all are anything like me and my family, you love each other more than anything in the world, but spending time together is a lot easier said than done. Everyone in my family is busy and has their own schedules. But thankfully, we’ve found some easy ways to get closer as a family and spend more time with each other. It takes some effort and planning, but it’s well worth it!

Have Regular Family Dinners

One of the simplest ways you can get your family together is to organize some regular family dinners. It’s not going to be something you can have every night—I’ve tried—but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try at all. Find a day when everyone is free, get together, and eat some good food.

Live in a Smaller Space

Also, consider living in a smaller space. One of the greatest benefits of living in a small space is being able to spend more time with family. People should have their personal space, but in a smaller home, you’ll also have more space to connect. Spend time together at home or go outdoors and have some adventures, and find the time to do what you all enjoy. In a smaller home, it’s easy.

Find Common Hobbies or Activities

Another way you can get your family closer is by finding some common interests, hobbies, and activities and then doing them together! If everyone loves movies or board games, organize a fun night to hang out together and indulge. If it’s something like a movie night, take turns to pick a movie or theme. Also, take the time to make some fun snacks or come up with some fun movie games to make things more interesting.

Open and Honest Communication

If y’all want to get closer to your family, you must also prioritize open and honest communication. Whether it’s communication between you and your partner, you and your children, or between your children, it needs to be honest. There’s no room for lying and excessive sarcasm in a close family. You can mess around, but to get to that point, you need to trust each other and have each other’s backs. Listen to your child, tell them to come to you with any problem, and be honest with them about issues within the family. Communication like this is essential to become closer.

It’s a busy world, and everyone is out and about with busier schedules than ever before. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t easy ways for y’all to get closer to your family. It takes some effort to step back and find that time, but it’s worth it. Start today and make a conscious effort to connect with your family. It has done wonders for my family, y’all, and it can do wonders for your families, too.

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  1. I use some of these tips for my own family. I have a large family living under the same roof, and it is definitely hard to spend time with all of us together. There are SEVEN of us here. We make time for each other when we are able.

  2. Some great ideas!
    My daughter has 5 kids, 2 still at home, and built me a small home in their backyard (~ 600 sq. Ft) she plans outings (FFF – Forced Family Fun) to engage as many as she can!
    My son and his family are a couple of hours away, and we plan things with them as well.
    I am loving my small, light home, and my circles of friends.

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