Raising Christian Children

Raising children is such an amazing opportunity and blessing. And that statement is true for anyone that is a parent, regardless of their religion or beliefs. But if you are a person of faith, then it can be important for you to raise them as you were, or to pass on some kind of spiritual heritage for your children. Of course, it is going to be up to them what kind of life that they lead. But if you want to raise children in a Christian way, then here are some steps to help you get the balance right.

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Include Christ In Your Life

We can’t ever tell our children to do one thing and then we do the other. So first thing is first if you want to raise children in a Christian way or as followers of Christ, then you need to be doing just that yourself. Think about various different aspects of your life, like the TV that you watch or the things that you say. Are they showing you as a Christ-like person? Do you put the church first on a Sunday or is it more about sports? These things will show your children where your priorities lie and have you leading by example.

Put Family First

It sounds simple, but many of us forget that our family should be a top priority for us, especially over things like work and recreation. So make a special effort to make time for your children and to spend time with them, as a group and one on one. The same goes for your partner or spouse; make sure that you are making time for them. It could even be worth booking your own time at somewhere like a Christian retreat center, for help with your marriage or to go as a family. When a family is put first and made a priority, it will teach your children something really valuable about Christian values.

Read From the Bible

As much as our children might complain about sitting together for a devotional, it can be such a fun thing to do all together, and create some wonderful memories for your children. So read scripture together, discuss it, and talk about what you can learn from it. There can be relatable examples that they can apply in their lives, so it is an important teaching tool that is not to be missed.

Serve Others

One of the best examples of being a Christian is by helping and serving others. It teaches our children to be less selfish and shows that all we have is because of God. So it is important to share with others. Look for opportunities to share and serve others as a family. This can give everyone a good and uplifting feeling, as well as creating some wonderful memories. It could be helping an elderly neighbor with their yard, taking a meal to a family with a new baby, or getting involved with your community. They can be simple things to do that will really make a difference.

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