5 Tried & Tested Relationship Secrets For Busy Parents

5 Tried & Tested Relationship Secrets For Busy Parents from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Couples take their relationship to the next level when they decide to become parents. Having a baby together brings you closer, but it can pressurize your relationship with your partner. Intimacy often takes a backseat when you have to struggle to balance childcare with work and domestic responsibilities. The attraction towards your partner seems to wane as kids become a priority. Making conscious efforts to keep your bond in a healthy space can keep the spark alive. It sounds like a lot of work when you have dirty diapers, tantrums, and teen woes to handle. But here are some tried and tested relationship secrets that busy parents can rely on.

Steal time with each other

Time becomes precious as you enter the parenting phase, but you can steal some happy moments with each other. Watch a movie together after putting kids together, cook as a couple on the weekends, or plan random dates at home. Hiring a nanny or dropping the children with grandparents during the weekends is a good idea. Schedule a happy hour for each other every day because it is worthwhile. 

Stay connected throughout the day

As busy parents, it can be challenging to communicate when you have so much to do. Thankfully, you can use texts to stay connected throughout the day. A call in the afternoon can make you happy and refreshed. You can even drop a romantic note for your spouse at a place where they can find it. Just a little effort to stay in touch can keep the relationship strong and thriving.

Prioritize physical intimacy

Parenting hits your physical intimacy hard, specifically during the first few years. Busy days and long nights are enough to sap your energy, and it is hard to get turned on. But you must invest time and effort to keep things hot in the bedroom. Make things experimental and interesting. Try using a real whizzinator xxx for an all-new experience, have fun with role-playing, or discover new positions in bed. Touch your partner during the day to show that you are still attracted to them.

Plan a trip together once a year

Successful couples swear by this secret as it keeps them going strong year after year. Plan a trip as a couple at least once a year to recharge the physical and emotional connection. It may sound daunting when the kids are young, but you can surely seek help from family or close friends. You don’t need to go on an extended vacation, and only a short weekend together is enough to feel the closeness again.

Have honest conversations 

Your relationship tends to suffer after you have kids, no matter how hard you try to close the gaps. But having honest conversations with your partner can help maintain emotional intimacy. Discuss the red flags and be open about your apprehensions instead of sweeping them under the rug. If you feel things getting off track, an open discussion is the best way to sort them out.

Balancing couple goals with parenting responsibilities is easier than you imagine, provided you take the right approach. Follow these relationship secrets for busy parents, and you can recreate the magic.

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