Living The Cabana Life at Carowinds

As a member of the Carowinds blogger program, Caro- Bloggers, I received complimentary season passes for Carowinds. 


The lazy hazy days of summer are here and if you live in the south where temperatures can rise over 100 and humidity is the air it is best to stay inside during the middle of the day. Or you can spend time. like my family and I did, at a waterpark.

Did you know Carowinds’ waterpark was completely transformed and expanded into the all new Carolina Harbor waterpark  this year? You didn’t well then maybe you weren’t following me last year when I wrote about what an exciting time it was to be a season pass holder. I can honestly say that I am impressed with their waterpark. It is totally amazing. I love that it has it’s own separate entrance so if you are just doing the waterpark no need to fight the long lines at the main entrance.

We were able to grab a cabana courtesy of Carowinds. It was the perfect way to get out of the sun for a few moments. Also, a great way for parents to wait until the kids were ready to leave. I will admit that Raul and I did do that.

hanging out in the cabana

I mean a cabana with satellite tv as well as a cabana “boy” aka person that comes around every so often to make sure things are okay, asking if we needed anything else. We could even order food and have it delivered. How cool is that?

I will say that cabana life was really worth the extra. Just look at these pictures.

cabana life

This is inside the cabana. We had a love seat, two chairs, a coffee table, a mini frig with complimentary water, and a locker so that we could lock up all our valuables while we were playing in the water.

Outside the cabana

Outside of the cabana, we had  a table with four chairs and an umbrella. We also had two lounge chairs. As you can see Gracie and Raul were really enjoying the inside of cabana in this picture.

the cabanas

We had so much fun at the waterpark. I even wore a bathing suit, look for that post soon. Here is a picture of the girls and Lyman in the water.

kids in the waterpark

I will have to say that this was a great start to my birthday weekend. Even though I ended up with a migraine on the way home. More on that later.

For more information on Carolina Harbor waterpark and their cabana rentals, go here.

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  1. Totally needed a close up of how things looked inside the water park and you did it for me! Glad you all had fun and I had fun reading your blog.


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