What Gave Me a Raging Headache……..

AFM Raging

I have been sitting here thinking about health insurance. In fact I have been thinking about this topic quite a lot. I am very confused by how the government can place a fine on someone for not obtaining health insurance. In theory the thought may sound good but to add another bill onto a family that is struggling is beyond cruel. It is just making the middle class who are barely able to keep their head above water become a part of the lower class. I am appalled that families that cannot afford to pay for health insurance can be fined because of that. I spent some time on the health.gov site tonight trying to see how much it would cost for just health insurance for myself (no other members of the family) yet the questions asked were about all members of the family even after I stated that I would be the only one and I would pay. It is ridiculous to me how frustrated I got with this website I spent over 20 minutes on it and finally gave up before I could even see the results. Why is it that they want to know other income if you are the only one who will be paying for your insurance needs? I am beyond frustrated with the health care system. It makes me want to scream and pull my hair out. In fact after the 20 minutes I spent trying to fill out the application I needed some ibuprofen and a glass of water for the raging headache that it caused me. It really should not be that hard to obtain affordable insurance rates. Seriously!! Have you tried applying online for a health care plan, I would love to know what your experience was??
I guess I will have to try later when I have a little more patience and a lot more time on my hands to deal with those redundant questions.

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