Purr-fect Tips For A Beautiful House When You Have Cats!

We all hope to have the most attractive house possible which will impress guests when they come to visit. But despite the amount we might clean and tidy the home, it can be hard to keep it looking great when you have furry friends living with you. After all, cats love to scratch furniture, walls, and flooring in your home. However, it doesn’t have to be the case that your home deteriorates when you get a cat. In fact, here are some purr-fect tips for a beautiful house when you have cats.

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Opt for wood flooring rather than carpet

It’s tempting to have carpet on your property. After all, it’s great for keeping your toes cozy. And you can go for a wealth of different colors and patterns which might look great in your home. But when you have a cat, carpet can be tricky to keep on top of. For one thing, if they are sick on the carpet, it can be a nightmare to clean it up. And then you can have marks which just won’t go. Also, their fur tends to get everywhere, and you have to vacuum nearly every day to keep the carpet fur free! Therefore, instead of dealing with carpet, you might want to opt for wood or laminate flooring instead. It’s so much easier to clean if you have pets. After all, you can just wipe sick or fur away without it feeling like a mission!

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Block your pet’s access to walls and furniture

It can be frustrating when we renovate rooms like our living room with fabulous wallpaper and furniture to then find that our cat ruins it the week later! After all, it can be very tempting for your cat to scratch walls and furniture. And it can leave the room not looking it’s best! But there are ways to stop it occurring. Firstly, you should try and block their access to the walls. Put things like freestanding lamps and tall vases in the way. As for furniture, it’s worth cover it to stop them clawing! You should also make sure they have plenty of scratching posts which they can use instead of your house! And you might want to look into getting some form of feliway spray. After all, it can stop them scratching furniture and help them to be more chilled out! That way, you can keep your house looking beautiful for longer.

Limit the rooms they are allowed in

If you have just bought a lovely dining set, the last thing you want is scratches all over it. Therefore, you need to set some ground rules when it comes to your furry friend. For example, you might want to just allow them in certain rooms to stop your nicer items getting ruined. Keep those rooms shut to ensure your cat doesn’t go in the rooms without you knowing. And you can always get a door which has panel glass so you can still see the inside of the room! As for the rooms you are planning to let your cats go in, make sure you keep an eye on them when they are in there!

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And remember to get several cat beds and blankets they can use. That way, it will stop them sleeping on your lovely furniture!


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