Do Wireless GPS Dog Collars Really Work?

Do Wireless GPS Dog Collars Really Work from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

GPS dog collars are an invention that has given dog owners peace of mind should they become lost or out of a dog walk. You will only need to get your phone and track their movements to find out where they are located. When it comes to comparing the best GPS pet collar on the market, you will find several options on the market. MyPoof provides a review of one of the best dog collars on the market. GPS is found everywhere, it is affordable and smaller than ever before. Dog collars with GPS work perfectly, are affordable and are worth the investment. Here is everything you need to know about GPS dog collars. 

  1. How does GPS Dog Collar Work? In the last few years, GPS has moved from cutting-edge military technology to an everyday tool. The days of using paper maps to find directions are long gone. Getting direction with GPS is now as simple as pulling out your smartphone and opening Google Maps or Apple Maps. Today, you can implant GPS trackers on anything, including clothing and pet collars. GPS dog collar works like any other tracker. It uses a network of satellites to pinpoint the location coordinates of nearly any point on the globe. GPS satellites are highly specialized, and each broadcasts a continuous signal. This signal is picked up by receivers on the ground, including GPS tracking devices embedded into pet collars. The GPS satellite system is what makes it possible to track the dog collar. This is an excellent device because you can access it anywhere at any time as long as you have an internet connection.
  2. Why should you invest in a GPS Dog Collar? Research shows that almost four million dogs are lost and then found every year. Another four million are lost, taken to a shelter and never claimed. Another two million get lost without being found or taken to a shelter. This brings the total to around ten million dogs lost annually. The GPS dog collar tracker is a sure way to ensure that your dog always gets back to you, or you can track them wherever they go. GPS dog collars are especially essential for hunter dogs. You can always trace where your dog runs to.
  3. What to Expect from a GPS Dog Tracker. Besides finding your dog, no matter what happens or where they go, you will also train your dog in the way you should. Whether you are at home, in the neighbourhood, or the field, you will be able to monitor their movement. You only need to avoid internet blind spots since the devices are dependent on the internet and cell infrastructure. This will allow you to track your dog as soon as possible.
  4. Which Dogs Need a GPS Collar? Almost every dog can benefit from wearing a GPS collar. Regardless of how trained your dog is, accidents can happen. Your home could be burglarized with your dog home alone, you can leave the gate open or the hotel door open, and your dog can escape. If your dog is an escape artist, a GPS device can help you have peace of mind. If you travel with your dog often, purchase a GPS dog collar for them. If you get separated from your dog in unfamiliar territory, you could lose your dog. During the winter, dogs walking in snow can easily get lost even in familiar territories. If you leave your dog home alone most of the time, a GPS collar will give you peace of mind. You can always check your app to see if your dog is safe at home.
  5. Features in a GPS Dog Collar. The features in a GPS dog collar vary from one device to another. However, you can expect the following features;
  • A waterproof unit or a built-in GPS dog collar
  • Ability to create a “home zone,” which will notify you when the dog goes out of the zone.
  • Downloadable app for your smartphone
  • Real-time tracking of your dog on a map

Some GPS dog collars also include features that will tell you how active your dog is throughout the day. The advanced devices allow you to see and hear everything that your dog sees or hears. GPS units were initially designed for medium to large dogs. However, we now have units for smaller dogs. Ensure you check the size of the unit before purchasing if you have a small dog.

Now you know that wireless GPS dog collars work, and it is essential to have one for your dog.

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