Weekend Wonders: The Sleep Edition

Weekend Wonders: The Sleep Edition

Welcome to another edition of weekend wonders. You know, when I reflect on what I am thankful for and express my gratitude for this past week. This week is coming in hot and fast. I should I say coming in slow and steady? Because this week is the Weekend Wonders: The Sleep Edition.

Weekend Wonders: The Sleep Edition


Allie got groomed this week, and when she came back, I don’t know if she was cut differently, but she has been incredibly adorable since then. She reminds me of Boo, the mini Pomeranian.

Finding New Shows to Binge Watch

I know what you are thinking what in the world? Yes, I get out and experience life, but there are times when I can’t sleep at night and need something to watch. I just recently finished Last Man Standing, and now I am watching In The Dark- This one is pretty good it is on Netflix if you want to watch it.

Speaking of Netflix

I am actually grateful for Netflix and Hulu. Why do you ask? Gracie, my youngest, and I watch The Kardashians on Hulu together every Thursday, and we are currently on the 3rd Epidose of The Watchers on Netflix.

Weekend Wonders: The Sleep Edition

Sleep Gummies

As I mentioned above, I sometimes have a hard time getting to sleep, so I learned that I need some help in that area. But I also have a very low tolerance when it comes to medication. I can take a non-drowsy medicine, and I am out like a light. That is why when I was asked to try the KIDS Sleep gummies from Viva Naturals. I love that it contains melatonin that works with the body’s natural cycle to safely and gently promote sleep. I love that they are gluten-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO. And it also doesn’t hurt that they are pretty tasty.

I actually made a reel about how much they help me sleep.

Speaking of Sleep

I can’t help but mention the cute pillow in the reel about the gummies. I carried that pillow that I had made of my Allie Girl to California when I went to visit this summer. Every once in and while, Jane has them on sale. And I grabbed this one and had it made of my girl. She sits on my bed when I remember to make it and often scares me when I come out of the master bathroom, and I think the real Allie is sitting on the bed. LOL 😉

Weekend Wonders: The Sleep Edition

So this week, I am grateful for my family and friends, my furbabies, , and all the wonderful things in my life. I hope you have a great weekend and take time to count your blessings too!

Tell me what are some of your weekend wonders?

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