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Earlier in the week, I told you about Gracie’s Dream Catcher theme birthday party, and I promised that I would tell you how we made the dream catchers. Well here is the promised post.

materials for dream catcher

The first thing I did was go shopping for yarn ( some of this I had on hand, but I wanted something with a brighter color), beads, feathers and some baker’s twine. I scored at the Dollar Store where I found all the twine I used. They were three spools for a dollar. My biggest problem was trying to figure out what to use as the central part of the dream catcher ( the circle).

The first thing I thought about using a thick cardboard tube cut into sections but realized that they wouldn’t all turn out the same size. Then I thought about using plastic shower curtain rings like I did here. But  I thought it would be a little tough for the girls as it would be the first time that most would make these and the smaller hole might be a little tough.

Then it hit me as I was preparing the mason jars for drinking. Why not use the rings from the lids? Bingo- so that is what we did.

mason jar lids dream catcher

I had several different kinds of yarn for to the girls to choose from, so they could pick out whatever color they wanted. I then told the girls to tie their yarn to their rings and then to wrap their yarn all the way around the ring until the whole ring was covered. This is the same thing I did when I made my yarn wreaths.

Dream Catchers

Once that was done, each girl attached strands of the bakers twine to their rings and then they tied beads and feathers to the ends. One girl even took strands of yarn and braided them to add to her dream catcher.

girls with finished dream catchers

This was a super fun project for the girls, and I will have to say that I loved how they all turned out. I also loved that most of the materials used were items that I had on hand.

So tell me what do you think of their dream catchers?

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  1. What a fun craft idea. My girls would love to make dream catchers, especially with their friends. Thanks for the great tutorial. We will be referring back to it!

  2. We have always loved dream catchers & I recently made a shabby chic one for my great niece. They really are timeless! Thanks for co-hosting #HomeMattersParty

  3. This is definitely an ideal craft to make during a sleepover. I can see my kids having fun making them.

    Thank you for sharing this with us on the #HomeMattersParty.

  4. Cute idea, and what a smart idea to use the mason jar lids. Thanks for sharing! #HomeMattersparty

  5. I love your idea, think they came out great. I haven’t made a dream catcher since I was little. I think I have most of those supplies on hand too, except the twine. Nice to know I can find the twine at the dollar store. #HomeMattersParty

  6. That’s ingenious to use canning lids as the base for the dream catchers. The best part about this craft is that kids of any age could do this and use it to have good dreams. Thanks for sharing your ideas! I’ll have to try this soon with my little ones.

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