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Do you have teenagers? Do they have cell phones? How many times have you been caught off guard by all the overages when the bill come? Are you scrambling to pay that bill because of the overages? I know I have. When my oldest first had a cell phone we bought her a prepaid phone and we didn’t have a problem with overages, so we thought she was mature enough to be added to our cell service.   And imagine our surprise when the first cell phone bill arrived and those overages hit. I mean she even went over the texting limit just to say Ok or hey to her friends. I wish there was a program like Virgin Mobile Custom when she first got her phone and there would not have been problems with the cell phone bills.

I love this program. The plans start as low as $6.98 and you can adjust the plan to fit your child’s needs. And if you have more than one child each additional line cost $6.98 to set up. Adding texts, data and phone usage does cost extra but you can tailor your plan at any time so that it works for your family and your child. Oh and did I mention that they also have a parental control feature which I think is awesome. What is even better is that parents don’t need to be on the same plan to use the control feature. They just need to download the app to their phone and set it from there.

Virgin Mobile Custom

I will have to say that this feature came in handy because now that Gracie, my youngest, has started in the cell phone thing I have noticed that she has a big problem watching YouTube videos on her phone when she is supposed to be doing homework. I mean she even named one of our kittens after a famous YouTuber. So being able to restrict the times that she can watch YouTube, I am making sure she gets the homework done. I can go in through the app at any time and change the restrictions. Not only can I restrict the time that all three of my girls are on the phone, but also who they get calls and texts from as well as limiting their use of apps, like Instagram, after a certain time of the night, as well restricting the Wi-Fi. Think about it how many times have you caught your teen on their phone afterhours? This will cut down on the arguments over cellphone use as well. Still on the fence check out this YouTube Video, it explains it all.

Right now Virgin Mobile Custom devices are available at select Walmart stores and at! Have you seen the devices in store? They offers three models of phones for this plan but there are more in the works. And I will have to say that I am in love with this. We had better coverage with Virgin Mobile than we did with the company that we are currently with and we never ran out of minutes because we were able to customize it to what our needs were and not be fit into some plan that might fit our needs. For more information check out their Facebook and  Twitter pages.

So tell me does your teen run up your cellphone bill or do you have a prepaid service? Tell me how you save on your cellphone bills.

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  1. I have one teenager who uses a cell phone and while we had some issues in the beginning, he actually does a really great job of being responsible. We don’t have unlimited data on our plan so we ALL have to be aware of our usage.

  2. My kids are still too young for cell phones, but it sounds like this would be a great plan for our family when it’s time.

  3. When I HAD a teen, we had to lock her texting ability. When my younger girls become teens I am HOPING they will not have their own phone. Mama, got to stay strong.

  4. I haven’t tried this cell carrier yet but I am in the market for something new. T-Mobile is a pain in the butt and I’ve had them for too long, my service is terrible where I live. I’m going to see if we have Virgin Mobile here where I live. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This sounds like a great plan for families! When our kids get cell phones we will check this out.

  6. I don’t have any teens (or children for that matter)–But having seen them walking around attached to their phones either talking or texting I can totally understand why a parent would have to try and limit this behavior. It can get very expensive! Glad there is one company who is trying to address tis problem.

  7. My teen pays her own phone bill now.
    We used to pay it for her but @ $60 a month times three phones it got a little out of control.
    She needs a much better rate than the one she currently has though.
    Will have to look into switching!

  8. This sounds like it would be a great plan. May look into it after our contract is up.

  9. My son hasn’t gone over yet on his bill and he has had a phone since about May. I’m the one who always does:/ it’s terrible

  10. I’m stepping into a new era…preteens and cellphone NEEDS. This really does sound like something I need to consider. My daughter is making me crazy for a cellphone and I just can’t justify hundreds of dollars every month. This might be a great solution!

  11. We always have a problem with overages from my teen. Wish that I could take advantage of this opportunity looks like a good one.

  12. I don’t have a teen yet, but when my daughter get’s older i’ll need something like this for sure!

  13. Sounds like my kids are still little and will not have a cell phone for awhile, something to keep in mind for sure!

  14. I have a step-daughter who doesn’t go anywhere without her phone in hand… This sounds like a great deal. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Glad to hear there is a cell phone plan out there for you! There are so many choices, it can be overwhelming.

  16. My daughter is too young for a phone, but I really like the idea of a parental control feature for the future. Saves a lot of trouble and headache for sure.

  17. Wow… what a great deal… starting at $6.98? Perfect for a teen. And it is great that you got such great coverage… Thanks for sharing.

  18. It’s just me and my husband using phones right now, but our biggest way of saving is the discount his company gives through our provider! I’m thankful for that!

  19. We have been fairly lucky with overage charges. I have two teenagers with cell phones. When they first got there phones we had a bill with a lot of data overage. I explained hoe it works to them and we have not had a issue since. They both know they will have to pay for any extra costs themselves.

  20. Thanks for sharing this! I’m spending a lot of time lately looking at an inexpensive plan for my son. Sounds like a good one! I’ll check it out more!

  21. When my kids were teens we had so much overage costs. We started making them pay their own bills, it just got so out of hand. This would have been awesome!

  22. I love Virgin Mobile. When I moved from OK to MI my OK service company was not located up here. I didn’t want to deal with a credit check. I had used Tracfone in the past so I initially went with them. I was frustrated that things never worked right and their customer service was outsourced overseas so that no matter who I talked to I could not understand them. I switched to Virgin Mobile and was thrilled. Some time later I ended up working a seasonal gig in their call center. It’s an all around great company.

  23. we have been looking to getting my 20 year old step son a phone and I love the parental control for him because we have catched him online in his room at 4 am some times when we get up to go to the bathroom so its’ great that this parental control feature can be added this is something I am going to show my husband. Thanks for sharing

  24. The ability to restrict app usage to certain times is pretty smart! I can see how a lot of parents can use that one so homework, chores and even work comes before videos, games and texting. Smart!

  25. I just recently got my 10 year old a phone. Now this would have been a good idea as well. Our bills are sky high.

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