How Papa Johns Pizza Made An Emotional Day Even Worse


Papa Johns Pizza

Yesterday would have been my dad’s 79th birthday; it is a hard day for all of us but especially for my mom. Last year we cooked dinner at my house and brought it over to her and my sister and ate with them. This year she felt like going out to celebrate so we made plans to eat at a Japanese Steakhouse near us. Thinking that this would be good for her, so the plan was set.

Now come around to the actual day, I can honestly say that I struggled more this year with my dad’s birthday than last year. I didn’t sleep well the night before like not at all. My morning routine was a little off as I went about dropping Gracie off at school and getting my morning coffee at Starbucks. We had gotten balloons for my dad, but the weather was so windy that I knew that I couldn’t make the journey to the cemetery by myself to put the balloons on his grave. So I called my sweet husband and asked him if he was planning on coming home for lunch, he asked me why and I told him I wanted him to go to the cemetery with me. He didn’t hesitate in answering yes.

Papa Johns Msde an Emotional Day even worse

So we made our way to visit dad. My husband had the forethought to bring a rock to tie the balloons onto and I was thankful for that because it was pretty windy. After the visit, I came home and basically, did absolutely nothing. I did little things here and there but nothing major. The girls came home from school and  Raul came home from work, grabbed a shower and off we went to get my mom and sister to go out to dinner. Oh, I do need to mention about this time a monsoon ( not really but it felt like it) came through. Once we got to my mom’s, we decided that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to go out to dinner, and we decided to have pizza delivered. Now where my mom lives there are not a lot of choices of pizza places that delivers, so we were stuck ordering from Papa Johns. We had ordered from there before, and things always went fine. However last night was not the case.

My mom placed the order two large pepperoni pizzas ( one with half jalapenos and mushrooms) a Hawaiian pizza, and (2) two liter Pepsis. She was told that the order would be delivered in 45 minutes. So we said okay. Forty-five minutes later there was still no pizza at her door. She gave it a few more minutes and called. She spoke to a person who had taken the order, and she said it was out for delivery, and it would be at her door any minute. Twenty minutes later still no pizza. Once again my mom called and once again she was told that it was out for delivery, and it would be at her door any minute. ( Mind you my mom lives  15 minutes from this particular Papa Johns, so it doesn’t take that long to get to her house from there.) My mom asked to speak to the manager, and the manager told her the same thing, my mom said I was told the same thing 20 minutes ago.

Papa John's Pizza

Finally after ten more minutes the pizzas arrived but even that was a problem. Hawaiian pizzas are normally a pizza that usually consists of a cheese and tomato base with pieces of ham and pineapple. However, that is not what we got. We got their Hawaiian chicken pizza which I could not eat as it had onions on it, which basically for the lack of a better word make me puke. There was only (1) 2-liter drink, and we had ordered two, and the pizza was room temperature at best.

The driver kept saying that they gave him the wrong directions, but the ticket clearly said her address. Now just the delivery would not have been a problem as most of the time delivery people only see the name of her street on her address and never notice the North or South part. So there are a lot of times her stuff gets delivered to the North Part of the street.

Because we were so hungry we ate the pizza but this most certainly wasn’t the best experience I have ever had with Papa Johns. So I just wanted to thank Papa Johns for making a day that was already filled with emotions for my mom and my family even worse by not standing by their word, not offering prompt delivery service, getting the order wrong,  and to be honest just all around sucky customer service.

So tell me have you ever had something like this happen to you? 

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  1. I’m sorry your day ended the way it did. I can only imagine how hard of day it must be. I hope you are doing better.
    We had a Papa John’s in town, but it was only here for about a year and closed. I never got to try it. It wasnt getting good reviews so we stuck with out usual pizza parlor.

  2. Oh, YIKES! I’m sorry, you had such a rough day. After the first 20 minute delay, I would have told that manager to make me fresh pizzas and get them delivered pronto. I hate cold pizza. I guess the driver must have gotten really thirsty on that long delivery… I would have definitely asked for my money back at the very least. Call Papa Johns corporate.

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