So Long Zack

so long zack

Once again this weekend we were in attendance when yet another Railhawk player decided to hang up their boots for good to pursue other opportunities. Zack Schilawski retired in order to attend Law School. To say that he will be missed by Railhawk nation would be an understatement. He is a local boy who hails from Cary so the Railhawks made a point of retiring his jersey before the game as well as announcing his retirement. Although I love the fact that they made a point to show their appreciation for a local hero, I have to wonder why they didn’t make that big of deal when Nick Millington announced his retirement. His announcement and the actual retirement were on the same day and he did not even get to play in the game. Taking nothing away from Zack, I have to wonder if there is some double standard when it comes to some players as opposed to others.

Although, Zack was not one of our family’s favorite. It was still great to see him play in his last game. I know there are plenty in Railhawks nation that will miss him on the pitch. But from what I understand he is extremely smart so I know that he will make a great lawyer.

Bromance Zack

But I have to wonder how the bromance will continue between Akira, Austin and Zack?  At the beginning of the year I had a conversation with Zack and Akira at the meet the team event and asked them what where they going to do now that Austin was in Orlando. They said they would be lost for sure and he will be missed but they just have to make do. Who knew Austin would come back before the season was over to reunite the bromance? Now that Zack is gone, wonder how Akira and Austin will handle it.

It has also gotten me thinking if Akira and Austin will come back. In my naiveté last year I thought everyone would be back. But quickly realized how naïve I was, so I wonder if Zack retiring and moving on to something else will make others do the same thing.

So to Zack I would like to say, “It was a pleasure to watch you on the pitch and you had some awesome goals and plays for the Railhawks. Thanks for all the great memories and looking forward to hearing great things about you in the future.”

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  1. I am sure he will be missed, but hope his new chapter brings him good things.

  2. Great to see how much your family supports the team. I am sure he will take this experience with him into his life, and maybe be a fan favorite in his next endeavor!

  3. I am not familiar with this gentleman but it sounds like you really enjoy watching him.

  4. Seems like a lot of them are moving on to bigger and better things. I wish Zack success in his endeavors.

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