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Today I am honored to have my oldest Maddie posting for me on the awesome place that is Carowinds. This was the only place I did not get to go while we were in Charlotte, read explanation in the post. However, the rest of the family got to go.

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The biggest embarrassing secret that I am always ashamed to admit to my friends or even my sister is my undoubtedly, terrifying fear of roller coasters. The inability to control what angle my body is flung at or the rushed blood surging to my head does not sound like a day in the park for me. However, the thrilling rush of being on something that makes you question the laws of physics sounds so adventure-seeking. I love the idea of roller coasters and there are some that I can thankfully stomach. I envy those thrill seekers that live on roller coasters.


As many have read from my mom’s previous posts that the Vera family just recently went on vacation in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was a wonderful opportunity and I am blessed to have a mom that is successful in what she does that it brings the whole family something we can enjoy together. Before I go into where my family went on one of our vacation days, let me tell you the spark that started the idea of our much needed vacation. As you may or may not know my father works for Quality Equipment as a mechanic. Every two years the company gives back to there workers for a complementary trip free of charge for the family to wherever it may be.

This summer, my father got the opportunity to take the family to Carowinds. Thus beginning the ideas for the Vera summer vacation. Fast forward through all the planning and the endless car ride, the family finally ended up in Charlotte. Saturday morning, my family (minus my mom who sadly, felt under the weather) took off about twenty minutes via highway from where we were staying and then we arrived at Carowinds. Initially, I was obsessed with the idea of Carowinds being the border boundary for North and South Carolina.

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Check-in was easy going and parking wasn’t a nightmare, fortunately enough. Not being a family of roller coaster riders, we more like to sit back and enjoy the scenery. My father, myself, and two younger sisters did ride a few of the, what you might call, “baby rides.” They were enough thrill for us. That day was more about enjoy each others company away from home, away from our school troubles, away from our work troubles, just feeling the wind in our hair and the widening smiles on our faces.

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Carowinds is a great family place to enjoy your summer vacation. The memories were unforgettable and the time was well spent.  

Park hours for Carowinds and Boomerang Bay Water park will vary, depending on the time of year.  These times are posted for your convenience on their  Operating Calendars. They also have some awesome deals online for discounted tickets.

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Maddie is currently excited to be transferring to UNCG as a junior and will be majoring in psychology and communications. She is a girl that knows what she wants and goes after it. She is ready to set the world on fire.

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