The Ultimate Ramen Cheat Sheet


There are few meals more simple and satisfying than a good bowl of ramen noodles, and they’re so cheap and quick to prepare that they should be near the top of any frugal mom’s shopping list. If you find yourself turning to the noodle solution several times a week, though, you may want to stir things up for a bit of variety and to sneak a little more nutritional value in there. While ramen comes with a decent dose of protein and iron already, it’s fairly straightforward to expand on this convenient treat and keep things fresh for the little ones.

The basic noodle, while enticing on its own, is actually pretty bland, which means it goes well with just about anything. Preparing your own version, then, means making a series of decisions to come to a unique recipe. Will you choose straight or curly noodles? Fish, fowl, or a vegetArian option? Ramen is a soup-based noodle, so you’ll also have your favorite base to add, whether it be complex miso or straightforward shio. And with all that going on, it’s easy to sneak some veggies in too. Bok choy and bean sprouts, for example, add a particularly Asian feel.

Finally, you’ll want to season the noodles to taste. While the aromatics (ginger and garlic are failsafe classics) are added early on, adding spice powder, chili paste or soy sauce at the end needn’t involve the same choice for everyone. Of course, the kids probably have wildly differing tastes – one sees spicy food as a challenge over which to triumph, while another runs a mile from anything vaguely hot – so it’s best just to assemble a variety of garnishes on a tray to be whipped out whenever it’s noodle time. For more tips and instructions on how to make that time an irresistible lure for the family, check out this great new infographic – and get noodling!

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