A New York Inspired Dinner

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new york inspired dinner
My favorite movie of all time is “Fools Rush In”. This stars Salma Hayek and Matthew Perry. Here is a little bit about it “after a one night stand with Isabel, Alex realizes that she is pregnant, and they decide to get married. However, along with the marriage comes compromise of one’s own cultural traditions.” I think one of the reasons that I love this movie so much is because there is an enormous Hispanic presence in it. There is one line in it that made me want to create a New York inspired dinner. It was one part in the movie where Isabel (played by Hayek) and Alex (played by Perry) have this conversation.

Think she’ll like living in New York? Not as much as camping in the desert.With a few Gray’s Papaya hot dogs.

al fresco sweet apple chicken sausage New York Inspired Dinner
So when I was sent a package from al fresco that contained their Sweet Apple Chicken Sausages I knew what I wanted to create- a whole New York dinner including New York style cheesecake inspired by the movie “Fools Rush In.”

new york inspired dinner with cheesecake
I decided to make the classic sausage dog with peppers and onions, but I wanted to give it a little more color. So I used red, yellow and orange peppers instead of the green ones. I just cut them into slices and along with the onions grilled them for a few minutes.

new york inspired dinner
Then my hubby grilled the sausages.

new york inspired dinner sweet apple chicken sausages
While he was grilling, I was making quick and easy cheese fries (look for another post soon on this.) In no time, I was able to put together the whole dinner. So here is it.

new york inspired grilled sausage, peppers and sausage

  • Grilled Sausages with grilled peppers and onions

ny inspired dinner

  • Quick and Easy Cheese fries with bacon
  • N.Y. Style Cheesecake ( Don’t tell but I bought that 😉 )

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Pinterest New York Inspired Dinner

I am so happy to announce that I have teamed up with al fresco to promote their NYC Gourmet Getaway Sweepstakes. Enter to win an all-expenses paid weekend getaway to NYC including $1000 spending money plus a tour and private dinner prepared by Bon Appetit’s Executive Chef in the Bon Appetit Kitchen. You can enter the contest here.

Also if you want to check and see how I did the Quick and Easy Cheese fries go here.

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  1. That was such a funny movie! I love how you added red peppers to the sausage-looks delicious-don’t even get me started on the cheese fries-yum! #HomeMattersParty

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