How to Spice Up Your Family Dinners

How to Spice Up Your Family Dinners from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Y’all, this is the longest I’ve gone without going to a restaurant. My hubby and I used to love going to upscale restaurants for date nights. I miss having fresh cocktails with my girlfriends at our favorite bar, too. For the time being, though, we’re all stuck inside. I’ve never used my kitchen more in my life. While I’m grateful to have more quality time with my family, dinnertime is getting rather boring. So, a few days ago, I took some steps to make supper more interesting. Follow my advice and read this guide on how to spice up your family dinners.

Design a Beautiful Eating Space

The first thing I did to make dinnertime more exciting was to design a beautiful dining space. For the first few days of quarantine, my family and I ate dinner in different areas of the house. My daughter was sprawled in front of the TV while my husband ate in his office. I finally decided enough was enough! I took it upon myself to design an outdoor dining space that my family couldn’t walk away from. We’re all getting a little stir-crazy from being cooped up indoors, so I wanted to create a space where we could enjoy dinner outside. Now, my family eagerly anticipates dinner all day long. There’s nothing better than enjoying a delicious meal as the fresh air hits our faces.

Try Exciting Recipes

I wanted to use this time inside as a chance to experiment in the kitchen. My family makes fun of me for my basic dinner menu. In fact, my daughter throws a temper tantrum every time I say I’m making meatloaf. So, much to my family’s excitement, I’ve used all this free time to try out some new recipes. Some dishes, like steak with a special peppercorn butter sauce, were a hit. Others, like roasted duck, practically made everyone sick. Even though not every meal was a success, trying out new recipes made with the help of a Ras El Hanour Spice Mix can help anyone wondering how to spice up their family dinners.

Go Technology-Free

My family and I are more hooked to our phones than ever, y’all. My screen time has increased dramatically over these past few weeks. Can you blame me? There’s not much else to do. As reliant as I am on my phone, I was saddened when I realized we were all still glued to them during dinnertime. So, a few days ago, I declared that supper would be technology-free from here on out. My kids tried their hardest to object, but I stayed strong. To be honest, I’m so happy I did. Now, my family and I play games during dinner. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. I also learned that my hubby has some hidden talents. Please, make your family dinners technology-free. We’re all using our phones too much right now, anyway.

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