The Importance of Home Staging

home staging

We have been lucky in that each time we have moved, we have never had to sell our house. One of the reasons was most of the time we were renting or in the last case we just tore down the house to make way for better one. But I have had friends who have sold their houses and I have heard some stories.

There were  a few friends that  sold their house just days after it went on the market. And then there are other friends whose houses have sat empty for months even years before they have even a nibble. What makes one house different from another? First location location location. Location is everything. Being close to town and in an amazing school district can make a difference.

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But there is also something that is equally important that most real estate agents will agree and that is staging a home. Think about it as a potential buyer do you want to walk into a home that is cluttered. Home Staging is so important. First for the buyer, because it allows them to picture themselves in any home that they are thinking about buying. Second, for the home owner it forces them to get  rid of items that have cluttered the home for years.

And think about it have you ever noticed on most shows about buying and selling a house, they always spend a little extra time staging the house. That is because they not only want to make the property appealing to the buyer. But they also want that wow factor, and for the buyer to feel at home the moment they walk in the door. Because ultimately that is the end goal in staging a home. Getting that potential buyer to agree that the home they staged will be their next home. And of course slapping a sold sign on the house.

So tell me have you ever had to sell your home before? If so, did you sell it quickly or did it sit on the market for a while? Do you have any tips you would like to share?

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  1. It is very important to set the stage outside before they come in as well. The outside is the very first impression that the potential home buyer will see. So if the lawn or shrubbery is over grown, paint is chipped, wood is rotted – then they may just drive on by thinking that the inside matches the outside. Or, if they do come in they come inside with a negative impression and that is very hard to change. Great information, thanks for sharing!

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