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  1. Great pics! I had a wonderful time and couldn’t agree with you more. The food was delicious and they outdid themselves with our servers. I will definitely be returning.

  2. The night was full of foodie fun and great service. I love their menu and awesome cocktail options. Wonderful to have shared the evening with all of you!

  3. I so wish I could have attended this! The Cowfish is one of my favorite restaurants – we just hit the one in Orlando and loved it. I’m so glad you got to check this place out and enjoy all their unique creations. My personal favorite is the tuna shakin’ bacon sandwich made with crab and spring roll wrappers as the bun!

  4. Hearing the words Cowfish makes my tummy rumble in expectation! Love Them! Also, love your title – so fun! Looks like you guys had an amazing and yummy night. Hopefully I can make the next visit!

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