The Most Common Causes of Oily Skin

The Most Common Causes of Oily Skin

If y’all have beauty struggles similar to mine, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of having excessively oily skin. Not only does it come with a shiny appearance, but also greatly increases your chances of breaking out. I know how discouraging it can feel to wake up in the morning with newly formed acne. For this reason, I set out to learn what some of the most common causes of oily skin are and, as a result, find ways to prevent it. Read below to see what I’ve been able to uncover.

Your Local Weather

The first thing I discovered is that weather can have an oil-generating effect on the skin, and in summer, the heat and extra sun you expose yourself to can harm you. These elements can damage your cells, triggering them to compensate by producing excess oil and sweat. Because of this, I’ve tried adopting a few methods to protect my skin and prevent oiliness this year.

Using the Wrong Products

Y’all, I also found out that using the wrong type of skincare products for your complexion can cause problems. After all, there are thousands of formulas on the market, all catering to a specific skin type. So, by using products that don’t mesh with your skin’s needs, you can risk a reaction you don’t want. For those like me with naturally oily skin, it’s often better to use lighter creams and moisturizers so you aren’t putting excess oils on your face.

Failing to Moisturize

Another common cause of oily skin is forgetting to keep a consistent moisturizing schedule. Though it might seem counter-productive, keeping your skin properly hydrated can best control oily skin. Since dryness prompts extra oil production to make up for the lack of moisture, I’ve been trying to act more diligently with my routine recently.

Over-Washing Your Face

If you are trying to limit oil production, you should avoid over-washing your face. Similar to under-moisturizing, over-washing leaves your skin dry and makes your oil glands more active. I know that I fall into this trap, y’all—especially after working outside on a sunny day. But, fighting this urge and only washing in the morning and night will combat dryness and keep your skin healthier.

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