Fun DIY Projects To Do With Your Kids This Summer

Fun DIY Projects To Do With Your Kids This Summer

Entertaining the little ones all summer long can be challenging. But with a bit of vision and creativity, y’all can find new and innovative ways to ensure that your kiddos have an amazing break. So when y’all start planning, be sure to consider some of these fun DIY projects to do with your kids this summer.

Build a Newspaper Fort

For this fun, cost-effective project, all you’ll need is newspapers, tape, and a bit of imagination. First, I like to have the kids smooth the news pages out flat. Then, I’ll have them start rolling the sheets into tight cylinders. Keep in mind that the tighter y’all roll your paper, the better your results. These cylinders will become the building blocks of the fort, so ensure that you’re making enough to accommodate the size of your project.

Next, tape the cylinders at the corners to create triangles. From there, start taping your triangles together to form a three-dimensional structure. This unique project is both simple and budget-friendly. I’ve found that the kids love it because the final product is a playhouse that they can revisit all season.

Get Creative With Melted Crayon Art

An excellent option among the plethora of fun DIY projects to do with your kids this summer is adding a splash of color with melted crayon art. This activity is one of my favorites because it’s cheap, easy, and incredibly satisfying. For this one, you’ll just need some blank canvases, lots of crayons, and a hairdryer.

First, I remove any paper casings from the crayons. Then, I like to let the kids arrange the colors to their liking and secure them to the top of the canvas with glue. Then, we slowly run the hairdryer over the crayons, melting them together as they drip down the canvas. I’ve found that this project is satisfying for the kids and me because we get to watch that excellent gradient effect come to life before our eyes.

Design a Puppet Theater and Puppets

Designing your own puppet theater and puppets is an excellent DIY project that’ll entertain your little ones throughout the summer. While this might sound complicated, the process only requires a cardboard box, old pillowcases, socks, and some craftiness. Follow these steps:

  1. Cut your box into a U-shape with three panels.
  2. Cut a sizeable, square hole in the middle panel.
  3. Hang your old pillowcases from this hole to create curtains.

Once y’all have your puppet theater up and running, it’s time to make some puppets. For this step, take out some old socks and decorate them however you like. We like to use felt to create clothing, yarn for hair, and googly eyes to give our puppets a unique look. This part is especially entertaining for the kids, as they get to exercise their creativity, imagination, and storytelling skills.

It can seem daunting to keep our children entertained and stimulated while school is out. But with the right mindset and a little imagination, y’all can help your kids have a fantastic summer!

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