SuperBowl Party Ideas

AFM Super Bowl Party Ideas

Set the Game-Day Stage
Decorate with fan-favorites by topping the table with a piece of artificial turf, found at your hardware store. Then, use white athletic tape to add yard lines and white self-adhesive numbers, found at the craft store, to finish your themed tablescape with yardage markers.
Score with Sweets
After the delicious appetizers and main entrees, don’t forget dessert.
 Display cupcakes on a platter and add green “turf” and “yard lines and markers” with frosting.

Send your Guests off in Style
Create sports-themed gift bags for guests, featuring team-colored tissue paper and small prizes, such as a freezable plastic mug, bottle koozies and a team bottle opener or coasters. These gift bags also make great prizes for any contests you have during the party!

Helmets Bowls
Create helmet bowls by using colored tape from your local hardware store or craft store. Take an ordinary colored plastic bowl and add helmet stripes of your favorite team. Perfect for holding all those snacks.

Beverage Bucket

Fill buckets and metal tubs with bottles of beer, soda and water and pack them with ice to keep them nice and cold. This allows guests to help themselves and lets you enjoy the party!

Helmet Display Decoration

You can use a helmet to display team colored plastic utensils. Put a snug-fitting Styrofoam ball inside football helmet and push handles of flatware into the ball. Along with it being a great display, it makes utensils easy to grab. Use a football tee to stabilize the display.

Party Room

Decorating the party room with balloons in the team colors gives the whole place a festive atmosphere. This is a very economical way to add flare to the festivities and really says “party”!

Party Goalposts

If you really want to score points, make a goalpost out of plastic pipe and fittings from your local home renovation store. Small pipe material can be used to create a table top goal, or GO BIG with the larger pipe material. The details are what make a party special and memorable.

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