When to Do it Yourself and When to Hire a Professional

When to Do it Yourself and When to Hire a Professional from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

When making changes around the home, we all like to think that we are capable to do most of these little jobs ourselves. Even the big jobs sometimes! But we do need to know our limits and when it is a better use of time and money to hire a professional.

Repainting, gardening or even some plastering work – these are entirely possible for an individual to undertake, but if you haven’t the time, the skills to attain a good quality finish or that there is too much work for you to do – you may find that hiring a professional may be the better option.

When to do it yourself

Whether it’s repainting a bedroom, potting plants in the garden or fixing a squeaky cupboard door – these smaller jobs make more sense for you to complete yourself and save the money that would otherwise be spent on a tradesperson.

Know what jobs you know you can do and the risks involved in them. If you know you have jobs that you can complete yourself without any major risk of damage, such as repainting a wall, go ahead. However, if you are intending to move large furniture by yourself, you may be best to hire a removals/moving service to do this for you.

When to hire a professional

For those larger jobs; plastering and painting several rooms, installing a new kitchen, fitting new plug sockets in a room or installing a new pond in your garden – this is when you need to call in an expert.

For some types of work, such as electrical or gas work, these tradespeople will need to have appropriate qualifications to ensure that they have met required safety standards and should complete your work to meet these legal standards. (Additionally, it is often worthwhile checking they have the qualifications by contacting the authority directly.)

Other times, you may not have the time or the ability to complete the work yourself and it turns out to be a better option to hire someone who can do the work to a high standard – giving you peace of mind that the work has been completed correctly and meeting your expectations.

Where to find a professional

These days many tradespeople are online and using services like MyJobQuote.co.uk to find jobs. If you were to post your jobs on a site like MyJobQuote.co.uk you can provide details of the work you want completed and tradespeople will be able to contact you directly in order to provide you a quote. Best of all, this will be a free service for you and saves you the time looking through directories to find local tradespeople manually.

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