The Great Rescue

Yesterday I posted on my Facebook wall that we had just rescued something and asked people to guess but nobody guessed correctly. So here is the story of our great rescue. It all started when Maddie went outside put the chickens up because we were supposed to get a bad storm. She came back in and quickly said Momma come here and see what is on our back patio.

Don’t you just love her outfit. Guess what it was? Look below

Look who found its way into our backyard. I have seen so many of these turtles dead on the road that I did not want another one to end up like that. So we were able to put a blue tub over it until Raul come home to set it loose. Here is a picture of Gracie touching the turtle after her dad got home.

My little animal lover wanted to keep it as a pet. I was able to convince her that it was better for it to go back into the wild. We decided to let it go on the back of our property. Here we are trekking back in the woods for the release.

We have a drainage ditch that runs across the back of the property so we thought it would be better for it to be released there. We are lucky enough that Raul had already cleared a path to the ditch from the back yard. The last picture I want to leave you with is the little turtle on its own.

You can barely make him out but he was so happy to be back in the wild. I know one thing that say that turtles are the slowest animal but this little one could certainly could win a race he was one fast turtle.

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