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Think back to your childhood – what really stands out? Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is a television show that you spent countless hours watching, or maybe it was a book that you read so many times that you can recite it word-for-word, even now. Maybe it was something you had lying around the house when you were younger, that always reminds you of being a kid.


The home retailers Betta Living did a survey recently to find out the UK’s top childhood memories from around the house, and it resulted in some funny responses. You can find out more on their blog, where there’s plenty that will make you say “I had one of those!” or “I remember that!”

toysToys are one of the most popular topics when you talk about your childhood. Remember Lego? Who didn’t spend hours building whole towns out of the little plastic bricks, getting creative and even a little OCD about getting the right colored bricks in the right places! If it wasn’t Lego, it might have been a specific doll you loved, or maybe a Scalextric, or train set that you’d spend your pocket money on, so you could have a longer track, better cars or trains and all of the accessories such as grandstands, signal boxes and home-made towns fashioned from cardboard boxes. If only some of us had that creativity nowadays!


The survey from Betta Living certainly revealed some surprising results, ranging from the fact that 100% of men from Scotland who took part in the survey listed a slinky as one of their favorite memories, while 33% of people from Northern Ireland listed the folding TV tray!


As a child, you spend a lot of time in your bedroom, playing with your toys or your games console. We all had our favorite items in your room, whether it was a poster of your favorite sports team, inflatable furniture for playing on your computer, or a lava lamp sat on the shelf, keeping you captivated for hours!


Some of the things that had us excited in our childhood might still be in our homes today, particularly with the ‘retro’ look proving to be particularly popular around modern homes. Childhood was unique, and made you who you are today – so let it shine through in your home (maybe not in your fashion though!).


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