The Bonding Benefits of a Slumber Party

The Bonding Benefits of a Slumber Party from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom
Slumber parties may invoke childhood memories of staying up way too late or talking about your current school crush. It is a childhood rite of passage almost everyone seems to take: a night away from your parents and just with your friends. Besides gearing up for a night full of Ouija Boards, scary movies, and a tummy full a junk food, a sleepover can be a communication jumping off point for parents and their children. Using the time before to plan a party can be just as fun and important as the actual event. Find out ways to utilize this as an opportunity to see what your child is up to in a way that can benefit you both.

Positive benefits of spending time together

Slumber parties can be an integral part of bonding with your child. Planning a slumber party is a chance to spend quality time with your child while brainstorming ideas for the party. Letting them know that their input is important matters. Studies show spending time with your kids creates a well balanced and healthy relationship. Your child’s self-esteem gets stronger as your bond deepens. They watch you do good deeds, therefore copying your positive behaviors. Simple things like eating dinner together or planning a birthday celebration can help them do better in school, and if difficulties do arise, they may be more prone to tell you than act out. It can be hard getting the information out from them, however, you don’t want to push or force your child to tell you. Looking for certain signs like lack of sleep, acting out, eating issues, and even physically signs like throwing up can point to a problem.

Decor and more

When it comes to a great party, the decor is the first thing that most people notice. Every party needs to be decked out with streamers, balloons, and the topic of celebration. Look for cute party items you can decorate with and can offer your child’s guests to take home as a keepsake from the night. One clever item to do this with is the printed kids pillow. In 2018, unicorn themed clothing, pillows, shoes, and other various items moved past mermaid themes which had been on top of many popular toy lists. You and your child can spend time together either shopping for party decorations or even choose to make your own. Together, you can visit your local crafts store and purchase all the items you’ll need. Group participation is another way to include all the guests in a particular activity such as a scavenger hunt or baking. Non-food-related games or crafts can be a bonding experience like painting or playing a game. It’s another way to get to know your child’s friends and show you are interested in what they are into.

Get to know their friends

You don’t need to push yourself into every conversation your child and their friends are having, or follow them to the mall. However, it is a good idea to also know a little bit about the people they enjoy spending time with and why. As kids get older, they depend on and trust their friends’ input on certain aspects of their life more than that of their own parents. A slumber party is a good way to quietly observe your child’s friends. Knowing that they also have a place to come to can be a comfort. Let them know the rules of the house, and that you are open to having fun within normal limits. Before the party, you can even have the other parents over to let them know their child is safe with you.

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