Get Your Kids Moving This Holiday Season


When my girls were little, and I was buying toys, I always looked for ones that educated as well as entertained. And that is still true today even though my girls are no longer into toys. Parents of children growing up in today’s world have more of a problem than ever. They not only have to look for toys that educate and entertain but also those that will get kids active.

Think about today’s generation are so into their electronics. With cell phones, Playstations, and televisions it is hard to get kids to go outside and start moving.

Have you seen it?

As I am writing this post,  the commercial about the boy and his grandmother comes to mind. It shows a kid not being active, going as far as showing him walking the dog on a treadmill while the child is lying on the couch. Yep that is so being lazy. But that isn’t the kicker. He is then shown playing video games and drinking soda. His soda can is empty, so he pulls out his cell phone to call for a refill. In the next shot, you see his elderly grandmother getting up from her chair, walking with a walker to the phone. Mind you she passed the room where the boy was at? She answers and her grandson is on the line asking her to bring him another soda. Every time I see that commercial, it cracks me up.

I am always encouraging my girls to stay active. I will admit that sometimes I don’t always practice what I preach, but I am working on getting better. That has gotten me thinking how many parents are in the same situation as that grandma with her grandson.

And what are some ways we can change this? First, we can encourage our children to get active. Simply by letting them see you be active as well. Family walk after dinner anyone.


Second, buy items like those that you can find at Inflatable ZoneItems like the inflatable ball on water are an excellent way to get kids up and moving during the warmer months.

I will have to say I love these items because not only do they get the whole family up and moving but they also are very entertaining to watch. After all, laughter is the best medicine.


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