Tips for Creating Quality Family Time

Tips for Creating Quality Family Time from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Spending time together is invaluable for every family. Like many parents, including Michael Canzian, you know that family is important throughout life. But do you find that balancing work and free time is difficult with everyone’s busy schedules? Here are some tips to ensure your family gets to spend meaningful quality time together.

1. Put it on the Calender

As children grow and have their own schedules, trying to spend time together is difficult. When multiple people work different hours, have different days off, and maintain busy social lives, it’s best to plan time together on the calendar. Ensuring everyone has the day off and is free from other commitments means the family can enjoy the day together. As parents, this means you need to refrain from work calls and emails. Making your family the day’s priority allows your children to have your full attention and makes the event meaningful for everyone. Planning also allows you to look for discounted deals and special events that are in your community. Are there two for one day at the local water park, a concert that’s coming to town, or the premier of a big movie that everyone wants to see? Scheduling in advance means you can all attend these special activities. 

2. Get Everyone Involved in Choosing Activities

Each family member may have a different idea of what excites them, so finding activities that everyone likes to do can be a challenge. One solution to this problem is to let each family member choose the event for the day. When planning a venture, assign a day on the calendar for each person to plan. This ensures everyone has enough time to decide on the day’s quest and knows that they have a favorite activity to look forward to. If you are looking for more spontaneity, have everyone write down their suggestions and randomly select one when you’re ready. 

3. Spend Quality Time at Home

Sometimes schedules may not allow for a whole day off together. In this case, plan an afternoon doing something fun. Explore new hobbies such as building models or painting, have a water balloon fight in the backyard, or buy a new game to play. If your family enjoys cooking and eating new foods, pick a theme and try a few unique recipes to make and enjoy together. Quality time doesn’t always have to be a big excursion. Your family can have plenty of special moments right at home. 

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