Design Your Own Garden

design your own garden

Looking at old TV comedy shows, we were always envious of those characters living in a big house with a beautiful garden of their own.  All the moments they spent there barbecuing and talking, simply compelled us into loving gardens and yards and what they bring. It became a synonym for good times spent with family and friends, so it’s not a surprise that more and more people are buying houses with gardens or trying to design one of their own.

Living in the 21st century has many perks. Today, you don’t have to be an exterior designer, gardener or architect to know how to plan, design and decorate your garden. As with anything- the Internet is there to help. You may think that there is nothing to know about gardens, but planning a garden can become a real fun and educational experience.


There are many types of gardens depending on the style, and each should fit the overall look of your home.

Urban gardens

Urban gardens usually cover a small area, but they represent a perfect and smart use of space. Their design is known to be minimalistic and simple while also elegant. Sometimes, urban gardens are created as a perfect getaway from stressful city life. In this case, they are filled with plants and provide a moment of relaxation.

Small gardens

Small gardens can be a widely used outdoor space or a completely wasted one. The catch is in using the space to its fullest with little details and tricks. Small gardens should be considered a project in which you can get creative. It can be a perfect spot for sipping a cup of coffee, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Modern gardens

Modern looking gardens are marked by clean and symmetrical design filled with elegant details. Space is used rationally so a modern garden can be either small or big. You will mostly see objects made out of classic materials like stone and wood. These materials go well with green plants and make the perfect combination of peaceful and lively.

Wild gardens

Wild gardens are the messiest ones. They have no boundaries or strict structure, so they seem completely natural and relaxing. It’s a smart use of space which helps them not to look obsolete and neglected. You will often find hedgehog boxes or bird feeding houses.


Having these types of gardens in mind, you can start planning your garden. The best way to successfully design and plan your garden is actually to have fun while doing it. Get creative, get a pen and a piece of paper.

Before deciding on what type of plants you want, colors you like and accessories you plan to buy, draw a plan of your future garden. Try to get as accurate measurements as possible because it will make the process of building a backyard way easier. Once you’ve completed your draft, you can start searching for elements to fill your garden.

You can start thinking about the features you want to highlight, colors you want to be enhanced and most noticeable and other details. Each time you decide you want something in an exact spot in your garden, mark it on the plan you drew. This will help you be more organized and not forget details you want.  Of course, while you are in the process of designing a garden in your mind, you don’t have to know absolutely everything. It’s not necessary to know exactly what type of flowers you want or the material you want your coffee table to be in.

Your garden will turn out to be amazing as long as you approximately know what you want and build your garden on those pieces of ideas. In case you need tips on how to plan the whole house or even your roof you can check out some of the housing and roofing blogs.  Enjoy the process of designing your own green oasis!


[info_box type=”pale_box”]Matt Reilly is A home improvement housing writer currently working for Reilly Roofing and Gutters, Texas. He is a promoter of sustainable living, both on a large scale and through the use of eco-friendly technology in everyday life.[/info_box]

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