Furnishing a New Home On a Budget

Furnishing a New Home On a Budget from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Buying a new home can put a family under financial strain temporarily. Furnishing a new home adds fuel to the fire, especially if the family has a limited budget. Instead, thrift shopping can help the family to find everything that is needed for a new home without the stress of exceeding a budget.


If the new home is not furnished with appliances, it is fairly easy to find appliances for pennies on the dollar. The most frugal option is buying used appliances. Homeowners commonly update their kitchens with new appliances from Anson’s, even though the older appliances work perfectly fine. Owners tend to sell them for far less than they are worth simply because they need them out of the way. Keep an eye on local classified sites frequently, as these appliances tend to sell quickly.


The decor is one of the cheapest and most abundant finds when thrift shopping. It’s very easy to piece together purchases from different stores, sellers, or yard sales to complete a room’s theme. Antique-style rugs can be purchased to match vintage used furniture, and old picture frames can be painted or refinished. Figurines, wall art, vases, and centerpieces are common “clutter” items that households tend to purge frequently, so buyers should never be afraid to offer a lower bid or lower package price for multiple items. They may be very hard to sell, but this is a benefit for those who are looking to buy used decor.


New kitchenware can be fairly expensive when stocking an entire kitchen, even when shopping for the cheapest options. Yard sales, consignment shops, and second-hand stores tend to be full of these items. They may vary greatly in condition, but they tend to be priced very low. Plates, bowls, cups, utensils, pots, and pans may be as cheap as $0.50, with utensils frequently bundled together for one low price. An incredible amount of money can be saved here, allowing the family a larger budget for more important purchases.


Every few years, families tend to replace their furniture in favor of newer, stylish models like the furniture you can get at El Dorado Furniture. Getting rid of hefty furniture such as tables, beds, or couches can be very hard without a truck. Since most people don’t have a vehicle to move the furniture, or the desire to pay a team to move and transport the furniture, they simply offer it for a low price. If the family is in a rush to get rid of the furniture, it may be offered for free. Since couches and loveseats tend to be the most expensive items within a living area, it is important to locate a free or cheap couch before purchasing complementary decor. Once the furniture is home and the decor is chosen, matching Roth Rugs that complement the furniture should be easy.

When buying a home, budget-friendly furnishings are the homeowner’s best friend. These low-cost options help the owner to dedicate his or her finances toward other important expenses.

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