#Sponsored Going Back To School With Kohl’s

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Afm Kohl's shop 1

Recently I was given the opportunity to shop at Kohls for all three of my daughters back to school needs. I love shopping but made this trip even better I was shopping with other people’s money. Now that is a dream shopping trip. Have three different girls at three different stages in their lives you can imagine how different their tastes are. Maddie is in her first year of college, Mikaela is a sophomore in high school and Gracie just entered middle school. I look at them and think where did these beautiful young women come from.

We normally do not spend a lot of girl time away from the house, when we do go out as a family we normally have the token male, LOL, my husband tagging along. But I took this opportunity to spend a day of shopping with my girls. We drove to a city that was about 45 minutes away but it is also a town that I love to shop in. We went to several stores before we hit Kohls. First, let me tell you how much fun my girls trying on the clothes. They had a mini fashion show right there in the store.

AFM Kohl's Shop 3


Maddie was so tickled to find a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T-Shirt in her size. She is now known as Maddie Monet, the new Ninja turtle.

Afm Kohl's shop 2


She also loves lace so she was able to get a beautiful lace dress. She wore it the other day and got so many compliments when she did.

AFM Kohl's shop 4

Mikaela is my Hello Kitty Girl and she was able to get a Hello Kitty hoodie along with some other cool stuff.

AFM Kohl's shop 5

She really fell in love with this striped sweater. She did not get any pants because she did not want to change out of the ones she was wearing LOL.

AFM Kohl's shop 6

Gracie is a little harder to please. She does not wear jeans or anything tight but give her a pair of leggings and a big T-shirt and she will love you forever.

AFM Kohl's shop 7


She was able to get a couple of pairs of yoga pants as well. But she did not stray from the basic black LOL.
Unfortunately, as most moms do I was not able to pick anything for myself because my girls took it all LOL. No seriously because I wanted the girls to have at least one or two outfits for school.
I was impressed with how much money we saved after the final checkout. Over $100 can you believe that???
So if you are looking for a one-stop shop for your back to school needs check out Kohls. Also, make sure you check for special offers and coupons that you can combine for your purchases. Unfortunately, we did not have any because it was a spur of moment shopping trip for us. But a much-needed girls day out.

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