10 Hacks that Will Help You Save Money at Kohl’s

10 Hacks that Will Help You Save Money at Kohl’s
My Girls when they were younger

It is almost back to school time. When I was little I used to love going back to school shopping with my sisters and my mom. Money was tight back then so we were only allowed to get one maybe two new outfits for school. When my girls started school I passed on the tradition of back to school shopping with them, but this time it was a little different. I learned that there were certain stores that had the best deals and that would allow me to get more bang for my buck. Kohls was one of these stores. Why Kohls you ask? Keep reading to find out about some genius hacks that will allow you more bang for your buck. 

10 Hacks that Will Help You Save Money at Kohl’s

10 Hacks that Will Help You Save Money at Kohl’s

1. Kohl’s Cash

You can earn $10 on every $50 spent there. This cash also known as Kohl’s Cash can be used to buy anything in the store. 

2. Amazon Returns

I don’t know but I love shopping on Amazon, but sometimes what you buy isn’t exactly what you are looking for or the pictures were deceiving. You can take your Amazon purchases back to Kohl’s and not only have a hassle-free return but you will also score a 25% off coupon that you can use for future or on same-day purchases.

3. 180 Day Returns

Speaking of returns you have 180 days after you made your purchase to return it for a FULL refund. 

4. Text

Did you know that you can get 15% off coupons when you sign up for texts and emails from Kohls? 

5. Free Shipping at Kohl’s Kiosk

When you shop online in a store you can get free shipping with no minimum order required. 

6. $75 Free Ship Minimum for Kohl’s.com

This is good when you can’t get to the store. 

7.  Stacking Promo Codes

Did you know that you can stack up to 4 promo codes per order if you are paying in person? And you can use up to 2 when you are on your phone, laptop, or tablet? 

8. Special Days of the Week to save

Special people have special days of the week to save. All veterans get a 15% discount on Mondays. Seniors 60+ get a 15% discount on Wednesdays. 

9. Cash Back on Every Purchase

Did you know that you can earn up to 20% cashback on every purchase made through online deals sites and shopping apps? 

10. Earn a Free $10 Gift Card

This one is a sweet one. You can earn a $10 gift card when you make your very first purchase of $25 or more when you shop through Swagbucks. (Not heard of Swagbucks, you can sign up to earn money and not just on Kohls’s purchases.)Don’t you just love it when you are rewarded for shopping I know I do? 

10 Hacks that Will Help You Save Money at Kohl’s
another throwback picture of the girls

I will admit that I have used some of these hacks at the grocery store but never once have I ever thought about using them for back-to-school shopping. Yes, I might have used a few but all of these combined would have left me with more money in my wallet and some happy and stylish girls as well. So tell me how do you save when you are shopping?

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