Spending Some Time On the Farm

Recently we spent some time at Odom Farming because I had purchased a Groupon that allowed for six people to take a hayride, walk through a corn maze, and a pumpkin for every individual. I paid $20 for all of this. I am always looking for neat things to do with the family. Gracie had her friend Matti and her mom Courtney tagged along with us. They made up our 6. In our party, there was Raul, Mikaela, Gracie, Matti, Courtney and myself. I know you are probably asking yourself I thought she had three daughters. Well, I do, but my Maddie was working that day, but she still got to enjoy the hayride. I hope you enjoy the pictures from our Sunday at the farm. First, we took a luxury hayride. Luxury is that took old bus seats and made seating for the ride. How cool was that?

Then look who we found working LOL

 I don’t have to tell you who that is in the pink shirt!!!!

Off to the corn maze

 Raul was one of the last ones off.

This is my friend’s little boy.

 Gracie and Matti enjoyed their time together. As you can see by the following pictures.

Climbing on the hay bales

And swinging on the swings. We enjoyed our time on the farm. The people who run it are so friendly. Oh, guess who was the last one out of the corn maze.

Yep Raul was!!! He got lost!!!!
So what fall activities have you done recently? Care to share.

 Stay tuned for our fair experience.

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  1. That is great – we were at a corn maize this weekend, as well!!! I can’t believe how TALL those stalks get

  2. That looks like a fun day! I always wanted a farm, but then I realize that I don’t get up with roosters, and I’m not really all that handy. Oh, and I’ve managed to kill an aloe plant in less than a week, so I’m not sure how well I’d fare with a field of plants. But still, it seems like it would be neat to have one.

  3. That looks like so much fun! There have been a lot of good Groupons for fall activities in our area as well. One of my favorite is collecting leaves with the kids. They are always so amazed by the colors, it makes it so fun!

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