Dreaming of Great Deals on Kitchen Tools


How many of you have a matching set of cookware? Raise your hand if you do, because if you do you are one of the lucky ones. As for me I am not in that group. I have a mismatched set of everything. Some of the cookware was handed down to me, some I bought from the dollar store (don’t laugh you know you do that too) and some I have been able to catch on sale. I have always wanted matching set of cookware but it has never been in the cards as of yet. It will happen one day, it maybe when I am on my deathbed but it will happen. Because I find myself daydreaming about the delicious dishes that will make my family using that matching set. (Yea right!!!)Just because I cannot afford that set right now does not mean stop me from browsing the web drooling over all those gorgeous pieces of cookware. Sales come and go all the time but I just have not found one that is exactly like the one I am dreaming about. I will continue to chase that cookware dream until it becomes a reality. Someday my cookware will come.

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