Fall Fun On the Farm

Today I am excited to have Emily once again guest post. Emily and her husband JR own a wonderful little farm less than 10 minutes from our house. They also happen to hold the title of being both of my oldest girls first bosses. Read about fall fun on their farm.

odom farming stand

Fall.  The time of changing leaves, cooler temps, and pumpkin spice everything.  It’s my favorite time of year.

On the farm, I feel like the spring and summer are mostly about work.  We’re either covering or uncovering, picking, or pulling weeds.  It’s always hot and humid and the gnats are so horrible.  In the fall though, it’s all about having fun.  It’s about bringing families out and watching kids run around uninhibited and enjoying the space and land.  It’s about having kids walk in a corn field for the first time ever and ask questions about it.  It’s about having them come up to excitedly show me a pumpkin.  It’s having them tell their parents they don’t want to leave.  I just love it.

aerial view of corn maze

Fall Fun on the Farm as I term it consists of our corn maze and pumpkin patch.  We have a six acre maze this year that I designed and my husband and his cousin cut out.  I have to say it’s pretty confusing.  Most people just go through the first part and come out of the entrance.  To me that’s great since we want folks to get lost in it.  We have a playground that we add to every year.  This year we added a fort and a corn crib.  Both have been a hit with the kids especially the corn crib.  We’re giving a short wagon-ride that takes you to our pumpkin ‘patch’ that passes by the strawberry field we just planted.

pumpkins in the field

Then we have the pumpkins.  This year we had so many problems with the weather and disease.  The first pumpkins we planted drowned and the second got a disease brought on by the cool cloudy weather.  So we improvised and put them in a cucumber field.

haunted corn maze

Friday night began our Haunted Corn Maze & Trail.  It ran last Friday and Saturday night as well as this weekend.  I have to admit, while I love Halloween and dressing up, I do not like being scared.  Until I had a Haunted Maze, I’d never been down a spook trail or in a haunted house.  I don’t even watch scary movies.  Yet, now I have a Haunted Maze.  A couple of years ago we decided to try and work with different community groups with the idea that it will be a win-win for both of us.  We get more community involvement and another avenue for advertisement, they get a place to have a haunted trail and part of the proceeds.  This year we’re having Pikeville-Pleasant Grove VFD in the maze doing the haunting.  I for one am excited about it starting up.  It’s a great group of people getting together to have fun, because trust me, scaring the fool out of people is pretty daggone fun!

We have one more weekend of Fall Fun on the Farm and if you haven’t been yet I encourage you to do so.  It’s a great way to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and a great way for your kids to get out and experience the outdoors and run some energy off.  It’s also a family memory that will last a life time.

This will be the last weekend that Odom Farming will be opened for the fall season. It is a family farm offering pick-your-own/we pick strawberries in the spring, a CSA during the summer, and a corn maze/pumpkin patch in the fall. They are located at 1426 Claridge Nursery Road in Goldsboro. Their hours are 10am-7 pm Fridays and Saturdays and 1-7pm on Sundays.

Emily Odom Farming Inc.

Emily is a full time mom, wife, and farmer trying to run her own agritourism business. Her goal is to educate kids about where their food comes from and help her community, and to have a good time while she does it. You can read more of her musings at The True Adventures of Berry Girl and check out the website for her agritourism business Odom Farming Inc.

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  1. Fun stuff! My kids love doing stuff like this in the fall. We did a corn maze a few weeks back and were lost for hours.

  2. Great post! I don’t think we give those who work farms enough credit. It’s HARD work!!!

  3. This is so fun! What, exactly, is a corn crib?? The corn maze near our house has a corn pit (think sandbox filled with corn.) My son loves it!

  4. We love visiting our local farms. There is something so therapeutic about the cool air and colors.

  5. I love all the fun fall activities. Pumpkins and farms just make you feel like fall has arrived , even if you are like us and still have 86 degree weather in TX.

  6. I can’t even imagine running a farm but love visiting them. The maze sounds awesome!

  7. I loved taking my kids to the farm in the fall. It just seems so appropriate this time of year. Fall is not fall without corn mazes and pumpkins.

  8. How awesome is it to live 10 minutes from a farm as cool sounding as this! I hope to read another guest post in the spring!

  9. Everything looks like so much fun! We have a similar place down the road from us and we are there all the time. It’s great that there are these wonderful places to take kids to where they can just have fun and learn something all at the same time!

  10. How fun! I need to get my kids out to a farm hopefully next year! What a fun and great way to explore and learn!

  11. I would love to live on a farm. I know it is a lot of work but i am sure it is rewarding.

  12. This is awesome I love being on a farm. We have a farm close to use and my son loves going to it.

  13. I don’t like to be scared. My husband and older boys LOVE it though. They go tot he haunted house when they’re all together (the boys are grown now), and in the off season they’ve been known to find Youtube videos of people getting scared in haunted houses, so they can laugh at them, lol. I’m glad you found something you love, and that you found a way to get those pumpkins going too (third time’s a charm?). 🙂

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