Progressive Motorcycle Show in Charlotte

This weekend we took a day off from all the stress to do a fun family activity. (This was only made possible because my sisters came to stay with my parents.) We had gotten tickets to the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Charlotte on Sat. So off we went. At first I did not think we were going to have a good time. We got a late start and to top everything else off I had one killer headache, which I just knew would turn into one nasty migraine. Yea that bad. We drove to Charlotte but not before we made a pit stop at the North Carolina Vietnam War Memorial. Then we were on to Charlotte. The show was at the Charlotte Convention Center.

It was huge place. We were lucky because we already had our tickets, so we did not have to wait in line. Once inside we were given shopping bags from Progressive to hold all our loot. There were companies there giving away lots of free items. Raul’s favorite was the 5-hour energy sample. We got two of them. Gracie’s favorite was the motorcycle pen we got from one of the insurance companies. Now that we were in it was on to see the bikes. We had originally planned to go with some close friends of ours, but they were called out of town unexpectedly, so we went alone. Here are some highlights of the show.

Raul decided to try on this helmet. We really thought it was going to get stuck on his head, but he got it off with a little squirming lol. I think Raul had the best time out of us all.

Gracie is checking out the scooter I fell in love with. It had a giraffe patterned seat. I loved how unique it looked.

One of the cool things at the show was this exhibit. You can design your bike. You could make it any color that you wanted. This guy was doing just basic black.

As you can see by this bike, designers have a lot of imagination. This bike was Mikaela’s favorite.  She loves all those crazy colors.

Now it is time to try out those bikes.

Gracie and Beary try out a four wheeler. Beary is thinking to herself “Oh no now my other arm will be broken.”

Now it is Raul’s turn. He was like a kid in the candy store.

Here he is trying a Harley on for size.

After he had tried that one, he found one that he said would be perfect for us.

Finally, the older two girls got in on the fun. They tore themselves away from their cell phones long enough to take this picture.

We joked with Raul that even the mannequin was taller than he was.

Gracie decided to drive Beary and Her Daddy around. This is a view from the side.

Now here is from the front. Now it was time to go.

The older girls on the escalator are telling us to hurry up and get up with them.

We had a great time at International Motorcycle Show. This event was perfect for the whole family, and I am glad that we were able to experience this as a family.  Look for our next adventure real soon.




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    We cannot thank you enough for your fun and event-filled blog of the Charlotte Motorcycle Show. We represent the Motorcycle Show from a public relations standpoint and we know how influential and important your blog posts are.
    We hope to work with you next year and thanks for telling all your readers what a great time you and the family had there!

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