Considering Your Budget: 10 Home Improvement Ideas for Those on a Serious Budget

Considering Your Budget 10 Home Improvement Ideas for Those on a Serious Budget from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

The main reason for renovating your home is restoring its once beautiful outlook. Though repairs are known to be costly, you don’t have to spend a fortune to refurbish your home.

If you are operating on a shoestring budget, the following tips will assist you in improving the outlook of your home.

 Create a budget

Having a budget is mandatory if you want to keep your expenditures on home repairs as low as possible. The first step to creating a budget is allocating the amount you wish to spend. After this, the next step involves you checking on the price of materials required for the renovation. This will help you know what you can or can’t afford.

Besides tracking expenses, a budget equally helps you in cutting out materials that are surplus to requirement. It is much easier to replace expensive items with cheaper alternatives once you have listed them on your budget. It is important to factor in miscellaneous expenses when creating a budget. This may come in handy when material runs out before the repair is complete.

Make Payments in Cash

Paying in cash means that you’re spending money that you actually have. Therefore, when you pay in cash, you avoid incurring additional expenses associated with credit cards and loans. These extra expenses are in the form of interests charged on money loaned to you.

Now that you know the advantages of using cash, it is advisable to have enough before contemplating domestic renovations. Otherwise, you are better off postponing until you have saved enough.

Renovate Gradually

Remember, it is your home – you can repair it at your own pace. Where the overall cost of repair is too expensive, you can cut the budget by prioritizing the areas that require urgent attention.

Another advantage of using a gradual approach to renovating your home is that you won’t have to reside in a house full of unfinished rooms. Also, it is relatively easier to cover unforeseen expenses for a section of the house as compared to the entire home.

Recycle Old Material

Obviously, a huge chunk of the renovation budget goes towards the acquisition of new material. What if somebody told you that you can still achieve that attractive outlook you desire using the existing material? Well, it is possible.

A majority of repair projects involve the demolition of existing structures. Usually, materials such as bricks, roofing tiles, and timber survive this process. You can reduce the overall cost of repair by reusing such material.

Alternatively, you can acquire used materials at a lower cost from salvage yards and building material auctions. This is particularly applicable to homeowners who cannot reuse any of their existing possessions.

Do It Yourself

This is perhaps the most effective means of lowering the budget for improving the appearance of your home. Regardless of how small a task you can do, doing it yourself always saves you a substantial amount of money.

For people with limited hands-on abilities, YouTube provides a vast amount of resources to assist you in honing your DIY skills. All that is required is your utmost determination.

If you are confident in your abilities, you can easily get the required tools at a local hardware store. However, it is worth noting that some tasks are the preserve of accredited professionals. Activities that involve the electric grid and other utilities should strictly be left for professionals in those respective fields.

Choose Professionals Smartly

As mentioned above, there are some tasks that may obligate you to seek professional help. Choosing the right expert, however, can be quite a challenging task for homeowners.

Firstly, you should entirely avoid dealing with general contractors. This is because general contractors end up subcontracting other people or firms, making it hard to track the progress of the renovation process. This also increases the cost of the process.

Before settling on a particular option, it is recommendable to check the reputation of various professional companies. This can be done by either asking around or checking online reviews, or both. For instance, you can discover more about hiring electric contractors here.

 Learn Money-saving ‘Tricks’

The internet offers multiple ways through which you can attain a premium look for your home without necessarily paying for high-end materials.

Techniques such as molding and polishing can greatly improve the appearance of your furniture and walls. Essentially, the internet is a great tool for providing creative ideas for improving your home décor without reaching deeper into your pockets.

Sell Surplus Equipment

One of the reasons for conducting renovations or getting rid of equipment that is no longer appealing and replacing them with newer models. Instead of throwing such items away, you can recoup some money by listing them on platforms such as Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and so forth. Metallic items can be sold to scrap metal dealerships in exchange for manner.

The proceeds generated from the sale of used materials and fixtures can be used to partially fund the budget for the renovation process.

Keep it Simple

Major changes to a house’s design during renovation can result in a massive increase in the process’s entire budget. In addition to requiring expensive material, such changes usually require the input of experts. Hence, it is advisable to avoid interfering with the home’s structural design if you want to keep your budget modest.

Wait for Sales Offers

Throughout the year, there are several occasions where various outlets offer big discounts on the items they sell. Examples include Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other American holidays. 

Once you have sufficient money and all of the other aforementioned requirements, you should identify the period when several of the materials you need are available at discounted prices.


Humans are naturally concerned about the appearance of their immediate surroundings; their home. Many think of this as an expensive process. However, as detailed in this article, there are several ways of improving the outlook of your home without having to break the bank.


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